Why does most private pvp servers have auto lock turned off?

My group cannot find a private pvp server that doesn’t have “Q lock” or target lock turned off. I understood it was off because of dagger spamming. Well, that’s easily thwarted now but all of the servers we are finding have it turned off, which creates a huge disadvantage for players that use controllers. Before anyone says “Just play with keyboard and mouse and gtfo it”, I’m not relearning how to play this 5 year old game, that is constantly switching up pvp, this late in the game, I’ll stick to what I know. If the anti-target lock people hate target lock so much, just don’t…use it?? I don’t get the hate, having it off completely isolates a group of players that do use controllers on PC.

Pvp’ers are just too pro. autolock is against these gentlemens policies! they are just tooooooo busy sitting in their bases on their bleeched never touch grass ■■■■■ and try find new glitches bugs or op maces. because they are just WAY TOO PRO for us normal people to understand. its just…a pro thing you know!?

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oh man…you hit the nail on the head right there…

Because majority of private servers actually monitor their game and prevent/ban use of exploits on their server.
Q lock has a rich history of exploits and abuses attached to it so the majority if not all private pvp servers abandoned it altogether.
As you said yourself CE is not a new game so privates have a specific “core player base” who like or adjusted to those settings over the years.
Also, you’re not in that big of a disadvantage if you use a controller.
A usual go-to for every PVP is keyboard and mouse+controller style movement so you can just adjust a bit to no Q lock and you will perform on the same level.

Controllers have MAJOR deadzones, no matter how much you fiddle with the settings, no matter how long of you sitting there, getting the right adjustments, will it ever be anywhere near what a keyboard and mouse could do with or without target lock. The fact you think controllers are capable of being just as accurate tells me all I need to know about your knowledge of how controllers work. You cannot simply get your reticle over targets at a blink of an eye free handing with a controller vs a keyboard and mouse player.

Exploits are all over in this game, target lock isn’t that big of a deal now that dagger spamming is pretty much dead now, which was the exploit everybody was crying about. Now we have infinite sonic rolling pvp…

You’re attitude was pretty much what I expected from a keyboard and mouse player, has no clue what they are talking about when it comes to the differences between the use of a controller to keyboard and mouse, and the fact that having target lock off literally handicaps controller users and gives mouse and keyboard a HUGE advantage. Of course you would support that…typical.

Well if we go into personal insults zone then here’s my typical keyboard 'n mouse player response to a typical controller player:
Cope. Seethe.Mald.

News flash! People who own those servers can play with any settings they want and use or ban anything they want because they pay for the servers.

You want a private with target lock enabled? Go to roleplay servers (btw you need a keyboard for those…mods don’t like controller :skull: ) or buy/host your own server.

Go back to reddit and be an edge lord on there dude…you’re still wrong

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