Why does server #1052 restart at prime time?

Server #1052 is down. Why now?
It looks like a restart, but it is an odd time to restart a EU server.

Can anyone confirm it is not just me?

If its online again take a look into the event log.

There should be an entry for server is shuting down and also an entry for server is starting.

If you only see server is starting without any shutdown message before then it’s not the normal server restart then it’s something else that makes the server restart.

On the official server i play this happens sometimes… Maybe 3-4 times a month. But I heard from other people that some servers have daily not planed restarts. Even more then one per day

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It is still not up for me… 9999 ping and all else question marks. Already restarted my machine twice.
And it has been like this since exactly 51 minutes ago.

Look up the server’s IP by typing Official Server #1052 in google. It will take you to battlemetrics page. Copy the IP number on the top, not bottom. Paste that into direct connect. Doesnt matter if ping is 99 or 9999, you will connect.

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That was a great tip. Thanks.
But it established what I already thought: It’s down.

Server failed to respond to query5 minutes ago.

P.S.: It’s back up now. One hour later :slight_smile:

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