Why Does The Changing Player Scale STILL Break Character Physics After All This Time?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Anywhere]

[I hate to sound like a broken record cuz I’m sure it’s been brought up already, but this has been a problem for way too long now. Using one of the main features of the game causing it to break is incredibly un-fun. It’s the main thing that’s been keeping me from playing at all, and certainly from bothering to waste money on new DLCs on a game I don’t even feel like playing. It’s been well over a year since this bug reared it’s ugly head and it still isn’t fixed. Playing the game as a base 50% sized shrimp is just boring, you can’t adjust the scale at all without having ALL character physics break the second you equip some dynamic clothing. Some people manage to find ways to make it go away temporarily, but it always comes back, and in my, and several other’s cases it never goes away. This is very unimmersive and takes away alot of the fun, especially with a character with long hair. This needs to be fixed. In the time this bug has existed there have been 2 season passes realeased, as well as numerous HUGE updates to the game. I havent even been able to check out ANY of the new content because I can’t even make it far enough in the game without my character turning into a static plastic doll! If it were any more broken the character would just be T-posing and floating around!]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create a large or small character at start
  2. Play for awhile
  3. Equip any gear that has physics, especially ones that cover hair with physics
  4. Watch as boobs stop bouncing, skirts stop flowing, braids turn into twigs, and the derketo pants turn into a stretch textured mess
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Hello @GodKingVivec, thank you for reaching out and sharing your concern with us!

The team is aware of this issue and its being looked into, we apologize for the frustration it has caused you. As you have suggested, the temporary workaround to prevent this issue is to leave the character at its default height setting for the time being.

It is meant nice, but sorry - this is no real worlaround as it does not help with chars already created. It is no real option to begin the game from startup.

As said in other topics, You can often log out and back in. It’ll often be fine till you change outfits or memory gets cooky.

Sometimes teleporting fixes it. It varies. Hair and Clothes turning off sucks, I know… theres other bugs worse that need fixing. =/

Sometimes just gotta hang in there.

Well I really hope it gets fixed soon, thanks at least for replying. I miss towering over my subjects.

Yeah, I agree. And many of the fixes dont seem to work. At least not for me on console.

Ive never been able to get those to work. Even completely naked, the junk and hair physics stay broke. I know CTDs and stuff are worse, but this one has been around for a lonnnng time now.

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