Why does the sandstorm hurt you underwater?

Why does the sandstorm hurt you underwater? I know, it has always been like this, but does it make any sense? Do the scouring sands dive underwater to get to you? Do the choking sands like to swim? :grinning:

Wouldn’t it make more sense if the game made you immune to sandstorm damage if it detected that you were holding your breath?

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A question that has probably been asked since launch.

I don’t think the devs are going to be messing around with this mechanic any time soon.


To quote Ron White, “It’s not THAT the wind is blowing, it’s WHAT the wind is blowing.”

Also, a wizard did it.


But what is the wind blowing that a sandstorm mask protects against, yet being underwater doesn’t? :thinking:

Ionizing Radiation. #theouterlimits


The same reason you are never told what is in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

Plot device to control the narrative.

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and the FedEx box in Cast Away :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, indeed the most “immersive” answer.

Less poetical, is how the game is handling and seeing water.
But of course i prefer see it like the wizard. :wink:

Sand is ionized by nature in such a storm. The velocity in which it moves is at a higher rate than what you would normally find on the ground in an inert state.

When said blowing sand hits the surface of the water it causes a pooling effect or ripple. So the sand is pulled downward into the water in micro whirlpools almost naked to the common eye.

While this May not effect most life. If one is in shallow water, it is conceivable that these particles can swirl in a counter clockwise direction resulting in the silica particles in sand to become abrasive. Thus soft plant matter, tissue could be harmed by this abrasive phenomenon.

Dependant on the velocity of the wind above, the turbulence of the body of water might also grab debris from the bottom resulting in a deluge which would bring sand, sediment, shell upwards acting like an equally abrasive scouring effect.

Hope this helps


I can’t hit love enough on this post.

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Or wizards…

Vincent, are we happy?


I don’t know, not sure, but it’s a nice story, and in a game i love lore and legends.

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i also want to point out that in caves sandstorm can kill you too

it all could be fixed by adding these zones in different biome box, just modified desert with disabled sand storm

otherwise water needs some overhaul cus with it, there are many problems drowing thralls,walking crocos, no waterlife etc. some things maybe where fixed


Was the sandstorm changed? It now misses every part of the desert I’ve been through, like Arena/Deathwhisper Ruins - it used to go through there

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