Why don't you, Funcom/Exiles build some big bases to be raided each week?

Hate to say it but everyone is waiting for base builders/owners to log off for an easy time with raiding on the PvP servers. So technically if you want to fix that you make the hitpoints a bit higher and the thralls a bit better if the owner is absent. But I don’t think you do.

So what about this.

You folks at Funcom add an AI built base or bases at random locations on the map several times a week to keep the strango’s from harassing the other players till they quit. I just quit a server I had played on 6 or 7 months due to what you would have to call harassment. I had nothing for them, just some companion thralls and a few building materials. I never raided them. But I did quit, RL and not enough time. They raided me every night for nothing.

Anyway, there is no reason you couldn’t feed them Dev made AI bases that have good stuff to steal. The game would gain some depth in player interactions and you could also bring these AI bases to PVE-C and PVE servers to give them a chance to do some raiding too.

A good idea if you have time to implement it.


Simply no. It’s fine how it is. And also: if you can’t defend your base for the full raid time then you might consider playing on a private server that doesn’t allow offline raids

Private server’s would definitely be your best bet. There’s good ones out there.

No, it’s a good idea. Lot’s of vacant servers out there in PvP. Players tend to cluster into a few crowded servers for something to do. Then some large clan comes in and says they all are a blight on the game and drives them all away. About half quit the game, realizing the game is flawed and not being fixed.

Now if Funcom built some bases with some cool bosses it would tip the scales by causing multiple target choices instead of just a server-wide player wipe.

The RP could be, for example, an Acheronian fortress appears in the desert through a magical portal. Or whatever environment is chosen. Then in a few days it disappears like a mirage. Was it ever really there?

Anyway, I have spent over 3500 hours (Steam stats) building elaborate bases only to have them destroyed as soon as I log off. So I am done with Exiles PvP, it does not work as advertised. Bases can take months to build, then get destroyed in under an hour. Ridiculous.

So, high time Funcom builds some bases too. And it would be great fun too!

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It’s kind of like what Funcom does anyway when they add a dungeon or map except that this would be a temporary event at a random location. Players would first need to find it, or them, not so hard probably. Then it would be a free-for-all per the server’s rules. Something fresh every week. No more empty servers since empty would become an asset instead of a negative.

So a pve form of pvp? Why not just play pve? Or private servers?

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wow this could be cool for pve too, w player contest blueprints itd be awesome 8D

No, it would be applicable to any server type. PvE through PvP. Essentially a free-for-all raid versus an awesome base. Then at the end of say 48-120 hours the base structures disappear like a mirage, leaving all to wonder, was it ever even really there? I like that part, sounds like something Howard would write for Conan. Xuthal of the Dusk?

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