Why Even Have a Poll

What was the purpose of the Expansion poll? 56% of people want Shadowlands, and we want it now. Every player I talked to thought the poll was for the next level cap. I mean the last option (no expansion) literally said no expansion for a month, and that’s what’s happening anyway???

You guys put out a poll and ignored the results. Congratulations.

You guys failed miserably.


Yeah, so the 24% voting for no expansion are the real winners here. It don’t even know…


It honestly seems like FunCom actively went out of their way to anger 70% of their remaining player base.


“April 17: Lv 75
May 1: Lv 100
May 15: Lv 125
May 29: Lv 150
June 12: Lv 175
June 26: Lv 200
June 27: 18th Anniversary”

So release SL EXACTLY when you intended to anyway ?
Because that’s EXACTLY what your community thinks right now.

The 24% get the result they wanted
The 56% get shafted.

They are not happy and neither am I


Yeah the more i think about this the more pissed off i get tbh…

Iv’e tried staying positive since i love the idea of this server, but how can a community manager even think this would be considered good news?

Not learning at all from something so recent as 2018? The year of gaming companies getting backlash after backlash for being out of touch with the community…

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I had already stopped playing at lvl 60 cap because it became appearent with the level cap schedule they didn’t have the SL/expansions planned.

When the poll was posted I came back to catch up bc I was pretty sure that the result would be SL and hence expected to get SL at next cap.

Today I lost interest again.


Curious, are you outside the community or?

I’m part of it, but I reference feedback from a group as “they” as I get a lot of messages from them that don’t always reflect my own.

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One great part about the Survey, now we don’t have to have the anti-shadowlands players coming in and saying “Um. Well I believe that MOST players don’t want Shadowlands”. No, we can say those players are unequivocally wrong. Most players want Shadowlands NOW.

Plus if you took the other options out of that poll MOST the players would have voted for Shadowlands.

So you went and pissed off 70% of your player base.

this is so amazingly stupid i have no words…


You gotta wonder if the Vizaresh message we got yesterday in OA was just FunCom trolling us.

They knew we wanted Shadowlands. I know that message made me and quite a few other people think Shadowlands was coming next week for sure.

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I have three accounts and I have canceled all of them. funcom clearly doesn’t care about players at all. Shameful community managers and devs.


Four accounts, canceled them all. I can’t say I’m done for good, because I love the game so much. But I’m pretty salty about the whole situation. They handled it all very poorly.

You’l come back with first expansion. I guarantee it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, we may come back with SL in june, but server is dying already (8 people in LFT around 100 lvl eur prime time) and if half a server will leave for a month… GL to 24% who “won” though!!

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Why did people think it would be for the current levelcap?
fc never said this and the poll ended just a few days before the new cap.
there was also AI and LE in the poll, do people really think it takes just a few days to tweak an AI without SL release?

i get it, i also want sl and im a bit bummed i need to wait a month but this hate is way out of proportion.

Because one of the options you could vore for was " no expansion for another month "

That option only got 24% and yet here we are, waiting for even more than those 4 weeks to get the option that actually got 56% of the votes.

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No, the hate is not out of proportion. Very few people read that poll and thought it was talking about after the cap was raised to 200. I mean why would you think it was? It wasn’t stated either way. FunCom is who screwed up. If the poll was for after the cap, they should have stated that in the poll.

Plus the poll literally said “NO EXPANSION” (ONE MONTH) (here’s a pic since you don’t remember)


No Expansion ONE MONTH is exactly what is happening expect Shadowlands won in a landslide.


If it takes more days, they should started tweak it earlier, it is progresion server and adding expansions should be planed and prepared.

Most people knew Shadowlands would win that poll. If anybody thought Lost Eden or Alien Invasion had a shot they just don’t understand Anarchy Online’s Progression. So no tweaking needs to be done, and a checkbox just needs to be clicked.