Why every time I report a fly base it take a month to come look at it

Can anyone tell me why every time I report a fly base it take them a month to even come out and look at it I have two pending reports and more likely it’s going to take a month before they even do anything about it but if I do too much land claim I get banned in a week :thinking:

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Because there are a stupid amount of servers across three platforms and not enough people to check. I believe the current joke (?) is that it’s a single dude handling the claims.

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Bob is a real busy guy.

Agreed… and as I’ve seen as someone who’s done a single person report, it can take a month a more to respond to someone’s land claim violations, and that’s after a few follow ups. So one week seems over exaggerated. Obviously mass reports may contribute to expediting the process, but in most cases, that’s not how it works.


I don’t think it’s crystal clear that sky bases are against the rules. We surely see in the rule set about undermeshing and land claim, but not for sky bases. Maybe i am wrong, i don’t know.

I am asking myself the same question, as this is my experience too, so is there a problem of management at fc ? or does it means we all have to cheat ?

you are wrong, skybase is blatant cheating, and people that use it wreck servers in unfair way, because it not possible for a normal player to retaliate. and even if you are a very experienced player, it will take lot of time to detect a skybase, can even take weeks to search the whole map for that when a normal base can be find in 1 or 2 days.

and yes i saw some bans gave for skybase, event if it took one month for admin to come check and sanction which is not normal, as for pvp server all cheating problem should be a priority (which is not actually)

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The issue isn’t so much Funcom, the claims are handled by Zendesk.

If you get an email saying something along the lines of: “We’re Sorry, but there are many claims being investigated, hopefully the problem has resolved itself.” Reply back that it hasn’t and be polite.

The last time I had to do that (and was courteous) the base I had beef with was wiped the next day.

Thank you.

I believe the same thing when it comes to pvp. I don’t say about pve-c or pve because i don’t know how a build like this affect to the server performance. My speculation however is that it shouldn’t be allowed even in these servers.

So did anyone read the rules lately to see any reference about sky bases? If there’s not and these bases are actual cheating, shouldn’t we ask some clarity in this issue?

As long as we don’t have clarity in this issue and know if it is allowed or not, how can we blame Zendesk employees?
Maybe they don’t have clarity either about this issue as well.

Seeing players who got banned that had sky base, this doesn’t mean that they got banned for it. Too many pvp players use multiple cheats that they can be detected. So what looks obvious may not be at the end of the day brother @azaroth.

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Lol try dealing with hackers that can delete your pieces at will on PlayStation the game is ruined

To achieve a sky base you have to use a sort of purposeful lag switch. The base itself is not listed, but using anything outside the games normal prpcessing is consider hacking/exploiting. That is the banable offense.


You can build a sky base without the lag switch.c but I am sure its against the rules remember the part where they mention the spirit of the rules. A sky base not being a perma ban is crazy. Ive had enemies come back change the clan name & still have the floating garbage in the sky.