Why, exactly, South Africa?


Voodoo or voodun is an Afro-American syncretic religion which developed exclusively in the New World, mainly Haiti, Brazil and Cuba. Don’t thank me - always happy to correct any small misconceptions.


Roman baths, maybe not. Soviet supersoldier facilities, on the other hand, in a game where “everything is true” I’d expect under just about every other cellar in the former Eastern block. :wink:


You probably want to call up National Geographic and half a dozen other publications, let them know that their research is all wrong.



South Africa has really neat traits what fits great into “Secret World” theme. South Africa is “father land” of private military companies and has traditions for mercenary activities. Secret World, secret operations.




What @Sawo said.

In fact, didn’t a company called Blackwater employ lots of South Africans at one time?

And what is black water as found on, say, Solomon Island?

Mad paramilitary filth conspiracy practically confirmed!


Why South Africa? Because as I pointed out in another topic, South Africa is the greatest country in the world.


Blackwater hired all kinds of airheads and lost their licence to operate. But “legendary” South African Executive Outcomes had over 2000 “professionals” in their ranks and many of them served in various PMC’s during OIF/OEF.


Because I miss the rains.


Well, why not S. Africa? One thing you haven’t mentioned to accompany your statement on heavy occult and fiction associations, is mythological creatures, which SWL abounds in. Surprisingly, S. Africa has quite a few of these creatures associated with the area if you do a google search, just like Transylvania has vampires and werewolves, and North America/New England has creatures known from that corner of the globe, like Sasquatch/Bigfoot, Wendigo, Zombies, and Lovecraftian creatures.

Before TSW came out, there was mention of how the zones have ecosystems in relation to the monsters that inhabit them, but with SWLs new content, I doubt anyone outside FC knows if they will carry that onward.


You bless them. I miss them. We had no rains in Egypt.


South Africa should be fun and novel for many of us. I had anticipated Tunisia > Congo, even though there were signs we’d have to go to South Africa (Angels & Demons mission).

Looking forward to learning more about that area.


It is still a heavily integrated religion of West African people, and is part of african culture. The point is, it is quite an interesting aspect of Africa. The fact that you personally have no interest in the intricacies there doesn’t mean others won’t.


Soo does this mean in SA we are going to see witch doctors calling down lightning on our butts?

(yes, have been watching random youtube videos as research into this culture rich region)


The South Africa made by Funcom is close to an Antartica map with a color adjustement. In fact, when you see the diversity of the landscapes in this country, the Devs have chosen the easiest to design.


They can still enrich it later, like they did with A dream to kill.
NJ has just been made so it’s also logical and convenient.
I’m not worried about the looks, it can be gradually improved.


Indeed: plantings; a ha-ha; water features; a folly in the Gothic style; even a gazebo!


The more i think about this, the more i’m expecting a story event asking us to donate to the Morninglight and it starts improving the zone with additional places or services.
It’s an isolation scenario inside a sect, they want us to live there and so for us to accept this condition they have to make us want to stay. They can’t stop of from leaving too openly or it breaks their deception and they are exposed as a dangerous organisation. Exposure they can’t afford to happen, so they have to make their place livable.

At some point during season 2, donations to the Morninglight as a reputation meter or massive farming incentive (like the Whispering Tide, TSW version) could help us get different rewards and maybe open a dungeon or a raid or just kep us busy while they unlock the next zone/chapter.


Another 1 year waiting event sounds like a success story… :thinking:


I dunno, the Morninglight getting donations from bees that have seen the FNF sounds a bit out there. It’d be like John asking for donations to improve Kaidan :smiley: