Why, exactly, South Africa?


Think of it like a strategy, lure comfort into their plans so they come into the light and we can end them for good.


Considering they are partly inspired by Scientology, I’d be shocked if we weren’t solicited for donations! I’m sure we could find some seeds to donate to them?


One thing I’m wondering about New Jerusalem is that it seems to be very much inspired by Jonestown. Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple fled the US to establish a settlement in the South American republic of Guyana, where they wound up committing mass suicide once the US government began sniffing around. If Dawn of the Morninglight is going to be focused on New Jerusalem, then there’s a chance that the rest of South Africa might not feature at all.

In other words, South Africa might’ve been chosen not for the local lore, but because it’s a perfect location for a cult to run away to in order to build their New Jerusalem. Easily accessible from the Western world, but remote enough that Western governments can’t really do anything, and with local authorities corrupt/apathetic enough to turn a blind eye.


True story: When I was a kid, I was positive the lyrics were. “I guess it rains down in Africa.” I took this to mean he was sad bc someone he cared about was enjoying rain in Africa without him.


It’s a magic song that plays differently for different people. For instance, when Philip Marquard was a kid, he was positive the lyrics were “I mess with brains down in Africa”.

And thus, a star was born.


The trouble is, Philip Marquard meant it quite literally and, as it were, very physically. It cost his parents a fortune to hush the neighbors up…


I can’t help but be a bit OCD and point out that while Voodoo did originate in the West Indies, it’s foundations are from West Africa (certainly not South Africa). We can probably blame old Tarzan movies for thinking that all of Africa practiced Voodoo :wink:


Well if you think about it South Africa makes perfect sense. This whole release is effectively a supernatural Jonestown. They needed to drop it somewhere where the Morninglight could get away with what they’re doing and avoid meddling authorities. That gives you most of Africa, South/Central America, or Eastern Europe. The last we already have and the Americas will be left open for future expansions logically. So they needed a non desert (no more Egypt) or jungle Africa that’s still industialized enough to support their operation… hence South Africa. Just enough supernatural to work, won’t be waste to use, and not to difficult to avoid/payoff the authorities.