Why furnace don’t reduce mats

I feel this is balance problem

Look this way carpentry wood to make planks can 10 to 7 to 5 of wood to make one plank

Shouldn’t stone be same 10 to 7 to 5 stone to make one brick

Iron be 2 to 2 to 1 make one iron bar

Gold and silver be 3 to 3 to 2 to make bars

Not sure what you hope to accomplish here. Just report it in zendesk and move on. You know full well this isn’t the place for that


While the former is a good suggestion, and reasonable, the latter is why it isn’t the case. Cutting iron down to a 1:1 would flood most players with the stuff, and that would cascade down exponentially. You’d go from 10 ironstone to a steel to 2. That’s a substantial dropoff. Already we have the reinforce recipe from a blacksmith thrall in an improved bench, this would invalidate that while overbulking on iron

I personally always thought that while reaslistically stations would simply only add slight material efficiency their role was merely ot add speed to production.

The most important is the smelters. A furnace with or without a smelter still produce same amounts, still…
In order to get 500 pieces of star metal, I need 1.000 star metal ores, 500 black ice and 500 brimstone, correct?
Why since I placed @Larathiel of Asura, I always find 500 star metal bars and pieces of black ice and brimstone inside the furnace that wasn’t used to produce the star metal :thinking:. The funny thing is that if I won’t put the amounts the furnace won’t tell me that I will take 500 star metal, but at the end not all the black ice and the brimstone was used :wink:.


I have done a lot of craft work irl and I can tell you a circular saw that doesnt cut straight with a guiding piece cost me a ton more in time and in materials than if I had just gone with a bit more expensive saw XD.

Tools can matter, but so can experience so it makes sense, and its just a game afterall so if it suits the balance it makes sense in a game context too.


There was a very easy harden brick dupe recently most likely what it was.

I raided a huge base in P8 and currently sitting on 8 boxes of harden brick…


You just described my point entirely, just i did it with pictures, was it that hard to figure out. After awhile your loaded with brick. - Since now there will be rules to spam and builds on official there is no need in reduction in cost of bricks.


That dupe was finally gated:)


Stone really should go through another table to become a mid-mat that then gets baked in the furnace.

Stone + Sand + Water → clay tiles in Artisan’s Bench, or maybe an Adobe Station.


stone + water = Stonecrusher + Clay (chitcin) + furnace = Bricks

move gold/silverore to that bench (casting table) it has a furnace in it.


Before I start, @NORfem I really like the idea of fixing bricks on the casting table.
Gaming companies have great imagination how to combine materials and fix 1st matter. In another game combining stones and chitin you take cementing paste.
However I do not seek that, I am pretty satisfied how things are, or I get used to them maybe is the honest position here.
What I would like to see is the tier 4 crafting recipes. Fixing doors reinforced from star metal or obsidian. I don’t say the full construction to be from these materials, it will create an enormous traffic issue on rare node farming points and I can almost listen the cries here. Not to mention that the company will totally destroy the product that sells the best, dlcs. But some doors or gates bringing the door to a durability point that doesn’t affect pvp negative, would be awesome.


“Balance” doesn’t mean “everything should follow the same pattern”. Balance is about the tradeoffs that make choices interesting, but hopefully without making one choice strictly dominant over others (or one choice strictly dominated by others).

So can you explain why you think this is a balance problem?


If anything, hardened brick is too costly to make at the moment.

Let’s review what it takes to make 1 Reinforced Stone/DLC foundation:

  • 15 hardened brick, 4 shaped wood, and 3 steel reinforcements

Which translates to 150 stone, 15 stone consolident (15 resin + 60 plant fiber), 20 wood (if using a precision table), and 3 iron+3 steelfire (using the T3/T4 blacksmith production)

Now lets review Black Ice:

  • 6 insulated wood, 15 black ice, and 3 steel reinforcements

Which translates to 6 wood + 6 resin (assuming dry wood), 15 black ice and 3 iron+3 steelfire.

There’s a reason why 99% of PVP players use black ice: It’s just more efficient. 15 black ice is SO much easier to make than 15 hardened brick, and the 6 insulated wood is much easier to get than the 4 shaped wood.

Which is why, in PVP, only tryhards (like myself) use DLC pieces. 99% of the time, it’s black ice all the way because of the ease of production. I genuinely think that hardened brick should be easier to make in large quantities.

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Well if compare to other form should realize it creates problem.

Take a look at black ice and reinforced brick everyone uses black ice because it a lot easier to make.

Harden brick should be cut in half or have better progression system that wood has.

For longest time I never bothered with t2 because brick was pain. After being raided couple times a n new server. I don’t know why took me to realize this because I skip t2. It’s easy block t3 if keep raiding every night.

So I didn’t want give up and hop off the server that they wanted. I made insulated it’s half cost of t3 so I can quickly make 4 wedge wall thick and 8 foundation high only couple hours. I couldn’t do that with brick it take to long.

This why it’s balance issue I can easily change to t3 just as fast once raided has stopped.

You got one building takes forever so u can’t argue of spamming other one supper easy to spam while other one is not.

I would beg some modesty here
. If you go out of officials even with vanilla terms 90% of the pvp players use dlc pieces. Black ice is used more oftenly on trebuchet fast builds than main bases. Or if I want to build something fast and strong enough in a new server. Black ice maybe the most popular way in official servers, but in private hell no. Please do have in mind that private pvp servers are way more than officials and the population there is always higher, always.
Building with dlcs promotes taste not try hard.

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I was mostly being tongue-in-cheek regarding the term “tryhard.” Sorry if that didn’t come across :slight_smile: Text isn’t the best for conveying tone.

And I only have experience on Official PVP, so my views are from that perspective. I, and several others, use DLC pieces because they’re gorgeous. It’s just that whenever someone notices my builds, they usually let me know that Black Ice is much easier to make. To which I say “Well, yeah, but I didn’t shell out $10 for a DLC just to use Black Ice stuff”

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That’s bad argument it’s ok to have balance issue. On private server I can harvest multiplier increase.

In beginning is was difficult to get black ice no fast travel no horses and it was pain so.

Harden brick cost more because you could make every where but since travel and mining with better tools came out.

There is no reason to make harden brick more costly and I don’t want black ice become more because how easily raiding is.

On PVP servers, yes. On PVE(-C), no. That indicates that you’re right and there’s definitely a balance problem there. However, there are two ways to balance that out.

One is your proposal. The other is to raise black ice material requirements until they’re on par with other T3 building blocks.

If raiding is too easy, is the solution really to make building cheaper?

What do other PVP players on these forums think?

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I do believe that the aggressors have a distinct advantage when assaulting a base. Therefore, I’d like the Hardened Brick structures to be just as easy to make as the Black Ice structures. Especially since I get tired of all-black-ice-all-the-time on Official PVP