Why has Conan died?


That’s a good point. There’s also the recent release of Baldur’s Gate 3 to consider. Only natural that big hyped up games like those are going to draw people away for at least a little while.

Also got me somewhat wondering if the recent self induced catastrophic meltdown of the Unity engine might have some positive effect for non-Unity games like CE. I know there’s been at least some talk of devs potentially de-listing games come January over it. Cult of the Lamb devs in particular specifically threatened to do so. The Among Us devs also hinted at it. Probably wouldn’t be much of a boost, but… :thinking:

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The problem that causes them to go to other games is improper game development. They slowly add new content and turned the game into a cash grab. This alienates players especially when they can’t properly moderate official servers.


That would be tencent. The new monetization system is common to all tencent games. tencent is known for buying games, setting up the monetization system, cutting employees to a maintenance crew and making the game a cash zombie.

IMHO; well maybe not so humble.

1: Core players have been here since Conan was actually a survival game.
2: Core players; more then likely, are not bazaar customers.
3: tencent wants to turn Conan in to a cash cow. Cash cows are contently casual.
4: Transient players spend more money. tencent wants this game easy so transient players stay longer and spend more money. The easier the game the longer people play.
5: Transient players abandon ship at the fist sign of a damp spot.
6: Core players will play through the most devastating updates. I think the last few months are proof enough of that.

No Conan isn’t dead. Just going in to an elder care facility where life is easy and the biggest challenge is getting to the toilet with out incident. Believe me, tencent will be keeping Conan on life support for quite some time.


I’m sorry but this made me both laugh and cry.


Well, I tend to switch to other games every so often to stave off burnout. I do it with all my games, be it Conan (day 1 player, still playing), Grand Theft Auto Online (day 1 player, 10 years) or Skyrim (day 1, 12 years).



The PVP side of things is rife with exploiters cheaters, dupers, speedhackers, flybases, then Private, the same but + crappy admins.

PVE I can’t speak of but they never seem happy either so is what it is.


I don’t miss a single bit of the game before 3.0
Was so tedious.

As do I however with droughts in content comes larger issues. They failed to fulfill statements they made when the game launched using every excuse in the book.

Yeah, exactly. Have also been playing since Beta. Thousands of hours. I have servers and I have see players come and go. At the moment my usual players are slumming about on Starfield, BG3, Sunkenland, and (even) ark (urgh). I do know that even that being so, I will be being pestered all weekend until the amazing Modder community have taken time out of their actual realworld lives and updated mods. The usuals will jump on servers after the dust settles. They will play for hours and days and weeks. But, they are still playing. Hell, even I may slum about with other games.

No, Conan Exiles has not “died” - that’s just ‘borderline’ click-bait.
More might be moving from Official servers with all the DDos etc attacks that have been proliferating this last year, killing bandwidth. Or just moving locust-like PvP server to pVP server.

Players also forget timezones. Sometimes when I go on there’s almost no-one on USA servers. Or on EU servers. Or private servers are very busy. Or it’s just the Indo-Sino ones that are busy. Just because Exiled Lands is flat does not mean this world is…

Or 7days. I may spend the next week playing 7days while funcom sorts out the update/ch2.

“Why has Conan died”?
Simple answer.
Nobody lives forever.

No, the real simple answer is because the Hyborian Age was around 10,000 BCE. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With such weird updates, this is a suicide and not a natural death.


I’ve been playing about a year.

I’ve noticed a noticeable drop in players on multiple servers.

Why has this happened?

Catastrophic bugs/mistakes (Nemedian foundations/Thrall decay oopsies) and the lack of backbone to address them quickly. Nemedian issue they never fixed, and the Thrall issue took them three days to do a rollback. Should have been immediately when the issue was found.

Many players noped out after they saw Funcom fail repeatedly and cause the players to lose in game resources/items from no fault of their own.


For PVP server ?
I just can give you this out of my perspective:
On PlayStation: huge bugs , lags , the ability to fly ( there’s no base anymore you can defend by playing alone if you’re mates are offline )
For pc : almost the same ( better game performance ) + hackers on almost every pvp server :smiling_face_with_tear:

Well the official servers are pretty much unplayable since aow .Why play if you only get high blood pressure from the experience. I myself thinking about body vaulting my best stuff and playing starfield and bg3 instead!

Lol people lag switch on consoles too. Booting players and the server isn’t unheard of either. Almost every official pvp server has a mesh or skybase as well. You can tell who is legit and who isn’t by how often they’re on the server during raid hours

Well , they defat the meh on official by not making it possible to move items there …
Sky bases are really easy to find and a kind of „easy loot“

But I agree about the lagswitch … that’s annoying