Why has this error not been resolved?

Did you forget it? ? :thinking:

It probably has a rather low priority due to being a graphical bug that doesn’t break anything significant.
Would still be nice if they could fix that, even if it’s just a little error it gives a bad first impression for new players who just start the game.

it does actually break significant things, same bug causes NPC bodies flicker and/or disappear, it is however somewhat less pressing then all bonkers stuff going on testlive right now

Sorry, Drach, I am missing the correlation between the two, could you elaborate?

And I fully agree with:



Are you sure those two bugs are related to each other? Just because they look kind of similar it does not mean they are the same bug.

Hi @liaorui, it’s not forgotten, it just wasn’t tackled yet as it’s not a high priority issue.


Where can I find the priority list?

well for me invisible bodymesh in intro is causes by the same issue as with corpses and knockout thralls
I mean not the case where body puffs and is gone while leaving render distance and back makes them appear, but the case where bodyparts flicker and go invisible leaving hair/armorparts visible or nothing at all

Thank you, now I see the connection and have experienced it also. :slight_smile:



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