Why hasn't sorcery been made yet?

I see Age of Conan Unchained has sorcery. No brainer. Funcom., come on. What did Age of Conan Unchained artist quit or get fired? Are you guys giving up on sorcery? Tell us something. I see Necromancer balance in Age of Conan Unchained. Minon cap.

If you guys want to make a balance PVP sorcery user add a new stat call Intelligence. Max Mana,Mana Regen and spell tiers locked behind higher stats perks. This weakens sorcery players physical stats.

Too many spells for 1 player force schools of magic. Necromancery focus disable Demon Magic and other Magic types.

I want another Major update before wild card makes another game.

Feels like we aren’t getting sorcery. Tell us Funcom.

That’s what we needed to tip them over the and convince them to put in sorcery. Yet another post from the sorcery guy.

This horse has been beaten to death, and the resurrected and killed again multiple times. Odds are massive you’re not getting sorcery. Please figure that out sooner rather than later.


At this point he’s just trolling, really. It was probably genuine at some point, but now…

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I thought this horse (mount) died and was Magically proven dead.


Again, once and if we add sorcery or other features in the game, we’ll announce it.
Until then, please do stop flooding the forums with this topic.