Why hide the plans?

The most recent example would be the “Funcom promised that all future DLCs would be cosmetic only, and new game content would be freeeeeeeee foreveeeeeeer!” mess. A carelessly phrased sentence in what was supposed to be a roadmap for the future with some hype about upcoming new content resulted in much pain and sorrow and hurt feelings.


Why not complete the journal before crossing this green line, as at that point you can remove bracelet and exit to the other map.

Maybe that is asking too much.

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Hey people,

Let’s just stop this tinfoil hat party going on.
We’re not hiding any plans regarding the new map as it has not been officially revealed yet. There’s no spoiled plans with Marketing nor shareholders, as the soft-announcement was done in a shareholders-related press release, where PR and marketing were involved. It was not spoiled in a stream by Alex, and neither was sorcery.
On that note, Alex is fine. So is Jens Erik. He left on his own and found a way to keep expanding his career (we love you Jens, hope you’re reading!).
Before spreading false information please just simply don’t. Slapping a IMHO on it doesn’t make it any different.



Don’t Elon my Tinfoil hat stocks!


now i am not saying they were aliens…

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Party pooper :wink:

Aw man i just made a nice big tin foil hat too. Boo!


What about “With all due respect…” ?

“No offense, but” “as per my last email”.
Combo those two together and the world implodes as when dividing by zero.


I love it how often this is meant to actually imply that the person bing addressed is not due to any respect.

This was my favorite thing to read today. I think I’ll start using this.


On that note, leaving the community with less infos, where in this stream with Jens and Alex, one of the topics was to involve the community more/tell more.

More infos, is less speculating, which leads to less false information.

Good example where we would info: Will there be a season 3 pass? There is a new DLC but not really any info on that matter.

During last week’s stream our producer, Scott, informed that there are currently no plans for a new Season Pass.


Thx for the fast reply… And so sad… :sob:

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