Why i am banned ? v2

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Hello world,

After a game time on an official server filled with players practicing various glitch, my team and I even postponed these, shortly after this postponement, we took a ban, can we know what is the reason for banning? the majority of the players of the official servers are tired of seeing cheaters at any time, we would like to know, after using tens of euros in the purchase of conan exiles and its various DLC, why we can no longer play on official server?

130 dollars for Conan Exiles for take random bannissement without email…?

We know from a reliable source that anyone on the server where we were not Russian was ban by funcom, I allow myself to complain because yes I paid for a game, to know if I am banned and for what reason, and in this case, I am sure I did nothing, and that this ban is only a mass report coming from player wanting to privatize an official server for their country and personal interest.

so i have send an email, but no ask, can someone tell me why i am banned ? all in my clan is good personn, don’t use cheat or insult

Funcom id: Kess#18157


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