Why I’ve Been Away

I got a PS4 for Christmas and for the past two weeks or so I’ve been playing God of War, and yesterday I started Horizon Zero Dawn. Then I’ll do Spider-Man.
I didn’t want to look like I had abandoned the game. And as you might’ve noticed, if you did, I haven’t worked on my story as much.
I hope to work on it some more in the near future.


Think we’ve all been away for a bit, and it’s fine as long as we all check in from time to time :3

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I know that feeling Trappist of other games luring you away, but not wanting to seem like youve dropped off CE. My danger period is rapidly bearing down on me as we speak. The Resident Evil 2 remake shall be a truly testing time for me. An remake from the ground up of my second favourite game of all time. :scream:

I been playing Fallout76 and X4: Foundations.

It’s nice how Fallout 76 and Atlas is taking the flak off of CE now; that they failed harder then CE ever did :stuck_out_tongue:

I do love X4: Foundations though. Letting your underlings make money for you. More games need that sort of awesome.

Though CE does get pretty close with those gold-veined rocknoses, eating stone and pooping out gold.
That’s priceless!

Why are you playing F76?

Because it has things CE will never have. The games complement each other. What annoys me on F76, CE does well. What annoys me on CE, F76 does well.

And don’t say “like?” cuz that’s gonna make me write an essay on this.

But it’s astounding how similar, yet solar opposites the 2 games are to one another, not just game mechanically, but in narrative too. lol.

Like… they are so different to one another, they are mutually exclusive.

I like my variety. It’s why I also play X4: Foundations. Cuz it’s space-age sci-fi.

Like, F76 is a disaster, and Bethesda is repeating Funcom’s mistakes by going on vacation while a duping exploit is running it’s course.

But nothing can compare to NPC’s exploding into a paste of blood in both CE and F76.

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