Why is blocking obilisk allowed?

edited because I answered my own question.

As a generic programmer I thought the issue was interesting so I thought of ways to solve it, and to be honest the perfect solutions aren’t there.

The easiest answer up front is to cause corruption to also cause building decay, and extend the range of the corruption of the obelisk corruption cloud (though this damages public map rooms and simple bases that aren’t blocking)

So in a more code centrist view look at the jungle obelisk (green one) and the bone dragon obelisk (purple) in the bone dragon case you could surround the pit and the obelisk with a wall. Is this blocking the obelisk possibly, but the player can still exit through the pit. In the jungle obelisk you could surround it with a wall that they couldn’t escape. How large would the anti build zone have to be to stop it from not being “blocked” (consider some clans have put walls across large blocks of the map. The simple test is there a path for the AI out. How far is this path, the obelisk on a pillar would fail this test. So the path may need to able to climb, and then it gets worse. And their is blocking and then there is a built a simple maze full of T4 arches with arrows. You still have a path out but your never going to make it alive.

Like I wrote it’s an interesting coding issue, I think the ultimate answer is to make the corruption cloud cause building decay and make sure there is enough room to use explosive jars.

It is a pretty crappy move. I was on a server as a new character when I first started. There was one player who was there for a long time and later exploited a bug in which he claimed clan buildings as his own. Eventually what happened was that they blocked off the Volcano, the North and focused on areas that everyone would need to go.

Now I see that server and there is only one person on it at any given time, I assume it’s that person. It’s PVE-Conflict so they pretty much took a multiplayer game and made it single player, as you can build without impunity on those servers. It was a waiting game for him as more people left and they decayed he would get their things.

But it must be lonely there. Heck most people even had him on ignore or block.

I view Obelisks as the same. The difference for PVP though is that you can really rally an army of clans to take them down. That in it’s self if pretty epic!!

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