Why is it Funcoms fault you cant keep up with technology?

After reading many rants and posts, it seems most people still having issues after the patch are running Windows 7. Microsoft stopped supporting that platform last December I believe. No security update for you. Seems most of the issues with CE revolve around…you guessed it…security and SSL/TLS. May be a good time to re-evaluate the fact that you just “dont like” Windows 10.


Its not only windows 7 in windows 8.1 we have the problems too.

Are you from Funcom or just a dude


Have you tried changing your SSL / TLS settings? That seems to be the solution for Win 7 and 8.1 -internet properties >advanced tab>Scroll down to security and check all of the “use SSL and Use TLS boxes" and allow active content to run in files.

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Seems most of the issues with CE didn’t exist until we had FLS.


Apparently you have a fragile morality
the game says it can work with Windows 7 in the Steam Store. Therefore your comment is not valid, unless you do not understand the concept of fraud to the public.

Not to be ignorant, but how/why are people still using Windows 8.1? When I purchased my last pc it came with windows 8. Even though microsoft forced the update to 8.1 because of bugs, I was ok with that. When windows 10 came out, I declined the update for about a year, then microsoft forced W10 without my permission. How have those people running Windows been able to avoid the forced update to W10?

I would suggest that you read more posts then. Plenty of people with Windows 10 have had problems with the game too, myself included.

Windows 7 and lower had the option to decline an update, with later versions, Microsoft has had more control (with an ever increasing degree) over updates than the end user. Since Windows 10, updates are forced either on start-up, shut-down, and at times when you are in the middle of an important project.

What do you consider “old?”

Looking at the base game requirements, I’m seeing many options for desktop computers that are under $250.00. Since Steam coordinates software installs, that does not appear to be a impediment.

“old” myself, and I’m looking for a laptop right now…

back ind ay, when I went up hill both ways to work… It “name” “numbers”
Number got bigger, better graphic card!

Now…its name + letters in number… that make me feel old and I have no idea what any of them or whats better then another…

Most of Laptops I was looking at in 250$ range werent much better then my 3gb vista pile of trash that started on fire. XD (barely…barely played skyirm)

I don’t know what half of this crap is anymore myself.
There 16gb, with small HD (cause work PC) I kidan figure it out… there a nice 400$ one with 256SSD (abit small) no idea if rest of its good… there nice 700$ one (8gb, 400+ ssd) No idea if graphic card. =/

I remember sticking in 2x 32bit chips and 128?s or what ever to get my PC to Play Lineage 1.
I barely manage to get Vista PC updated to play LotrO and Oblivion. XD

We prefer the NT kernel to the enterprise, but then MS could not control you, so they went with the modular kernel and the AI can change at a whim.

Security… NT

Really? Can you source that claim? It would be interesting to know the technical details.

I wonder that too.

What if Funcom uses TLS1.3 only. I believe that it is not activated by default on Win7 and some older Win10 Versions. I could be wrong though.

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when i bought the game it was for platform windows 7, i liked that, i dont need you to lecture me about this tho… if this became a problem because windows not being supported anymore, why not make people aware ( server messages can be solution with date of change ) give them a grace period to find a solution or get windows 10, but dont expect instantly this not be a problem, many are windows 7 players, give or take 70% for sure…it could have been handled better…thnx that funcom came with that hotfix and windows 7 users could log on, i am gratefull for that


IMO, it really all comes down to this. As long as Funcom lists Windows 7 as a compatible platform, then blaming players for using the officially accepted compatible platform is foolish.


TomsHardware.com will give you a clear and honest review of systems, components, and everything else and will chart results so you can make informed decision.

"IMO, it really all comes down to this. As long as Funcom lists Windows 7 as a compatible platform, then blaming players for using the officially accepted compatible platform is foolish. "
A - Nobody is blaming anybody. Be advised that technology changes faster than your gaming habits.
B - FC can list Win XP if they want, that doesn’t mean it wont have issues with ever changing Transport Layer Security.
C - I work as an IT technician and my company went Win 10 en masse last November, I was one of the last Win 7 hold outs because I thought Win 10 was not tech friendly.

The bottom line is TLS and SSL are being changed because of vulnerabilities in the older protocols.
If your “older” and all of this gobbledy gook" confuses you, then my advice would be to listen to the thousands of network security engineers at Apple, Cisco, Google, Facebook, IBM , Oracle , Salesforce, SAP ,Okta and Proofpoint and upgrade. Or just keep complaining when your game doesn’t work.

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The MOD issues are none issues since FC does not support them, tells everyone that they may cause problems with patches, and generally disclaimers them every single patch. I read most of the complaints on this forum and the Majority (not all) were due to security issues. Older win 10 and Win 7 OS were the biggy. I run the latest Win 10 and I had the same issues initially. What I did not get was the “not connected to the internet” issue. That IS a security issue.

I did exactly that for people getting the internet not connected issue and everyone I gave the fix to was able to get to the server lists.

what really ■■■■■■ me off about this thread is that if a thread is this critical and attacking of funcom would be locked and hidden, but attacking and being critical funcoms playerbase suffering with issues, it is sanctioned and allowed.

and I expect a “community flag” for this post too :triangular_flag_on_post: