Why is it never dark? It's day light 24/7!

As topic say whay is it only daytime on the servers?

Because we have enough gloomy time during the storm. Let us enjoy the sun :wink:


There’s a glorious window of around five seconds between the end of the Storm before Yog starts sticking his big, eldritch penises (yes, plural) into the universe. If we had to deal with actual nighttime too, it might be too much!

There’s a lot of twilight going on. Currently I live in the eastern woodlands, adding another layer of gloom.
Sometimes I crawl up these hills and get a few rays of sun, but then the storm settles in again.

I men on the old map you get a real darkness so you realy need to put up lamps to se what you do but the new map is like newberiver style!

The isle suffers from bad shading and lighting as it is … When under shadow colours r way too dim… Dark would only make it worse… Btw anyone found any argosean dust anywhere?

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