Why is it the game developers does not allow me to play older version of the game?

I bought this game a few months ago and I am starting to regret it. I hate how every time I get the game and mods that I want and the developer creates an update that renders the game unusable. Had I known this was going to be an issue I would not have bought the game. One reason I like Minecraft is they can update the game and it is up to me whether or not I wish to update my game. I can even go play the game as it was one the first day it was launched. I had the game just the way I like it and then two days ago because of an update that I did not notice now my game won’t work. When I buy a game I buy it as is and do not want to have updates rammed down my throat. Seeing that I play singleplayer as I hate how every server has too many limitations on building and how many NPCs I can have I should be able to opt-out of updates and play older versions that I am satisfied with. Funcom should do what Minecraft does and simply put the update up with a description of what it does and let the player decide whether or not to install it. Had I know this was going to be an issue with the game I would not have bought it. When I look at what has been added it is crap i do not care about.

Among other reasons, it’s because people would still complain about unfixed bugs in old versions.

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