Why is My Treasurer Naked? :O

reelog or redeploy , its using the default manequin skin for males.

Thanx for the reply, but just logging in/out made no diff., and I noticed this a few days ago, so quit/restart doesn’t work either.

Maybe it’s hot inside and he needs to keep his bits cool

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Heh… I have no male followers (pls, modders, fix this guy!), so this is just so wrong on so many levels. :wink:

Avoiding a low count

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You have mods? It could be one of them interfering with it.

Yes, but none that change what they’re wearing AFAIK. Better Thralls, Fashionista… But I’ve had them since the first time I created a Treasurer/Chest (wks now), and just noticed he got nekkid a few days ago.

This was usually caused by slow loading.

Back in the day it could be solved by running out of render distance and then running back.

The white haired naked male is the default character model btw.

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AHA! My bet is on this being the prob, then, as I’ve been noticing graphical slow-downs & glitches around my base doubtless due to the massive amount of construction I’ve done. MOF I think the first time I took note was when he was only half-nekkid, shortly after I moved him from my 1st (MUCH smaller) home… Thanx, @droch-aon!

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I don’t see the problem. He’s just getting ready for his daily money bath. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s using all available assets to make sure your treasure count is correct

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