Why is poison on Dancer 1? Are you just trying to kill your own game?

The balance issue here is absurd. They are WAY stronger than any other thrall in the level range and surefire death unless you are an expert at the game. It’s fine that it’s a terrible mistake and a giant blunder in balance. What I take considerable issue with is how long it has stayed this way.

I was optimistic leading up to launch with a patch every few days and things getting fixed regularly. Since launch, fixes have been sporadic and lax. I think it’s safe to call Conan a pretty dead game already. I can’t get anyone to play with me, especially if they already own it.

are you really getting owned by a dance I ?


Not always, but I lose to them, yeah. If there’s an add, it’s pretty tough at low levels. Maybe you are just great at the game, but my point was a large difference in power level between the dancer and other tier 1 thralls. You can get 10 stacks of bleed/poison in just a few hits and if you don’t have many points in vitality, that is certain death. No other thrall at that level is nearly that much of a threat. The point is a difference in expectation for the player. Tier 1s are all easy, but the dancer is WAY more powerful.

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I found the same thing when I first tried to capture a dancer for my base. I got properly mangled by the bleeds for the first few attempts and was quite surprised how difficult it was to capture him!

I was running with a 2h weapons at this point and hadn’t really tried using shields much at all, but I found the best way to capture the dancers with minimum risk is to equip truncheon and shield and play defensive - Keep the shield up at all times, wait till they finish their dagger combo and then get I a couple of sneaky hits with the truncheon. Repeat until they’re down. Don’t get greedy with trying to get too many hits in between their combos, those bleeds can really wreck you!

Hope that helps.


I appreciate the help. I can get them, but I was playing with a new player, so was trying to help and was distracted. I think more difference in the “classes” would be great, but Dancer being the most dangerous is silly. Fighter should be for raw melee, I think. My big gripe is that things aren’t being fixed in this game. It feels like they have abandoned the project already.

I do agree that the Dancers are disproportionately tricky compared to the proper fighters. It would probably make more sense for Dancers to try and run away! That’s what I’d do…

Also, especially in the case of the Darfari ones, where do they hide those daggers? :smile:

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Personally the spear thralls are the more dangerous especially when accompanied by a shielded thrall. Since atm thralls are not using their shields tough, it’s less tough. They can still take you by surprise and wack you a bit.

Dancers are dangerous if you don’t pay attention sure, but they don’t block ever. You shouldn’t be able to beat everyone just by using 2h weapons, you need to adapt to the situation. As blimbeard told you, shields work wonders against them (And against many other situations). Using a cudgel without a shield is a risk in itself.

Dancers are very squishy, I don’t see the point of nerfing them. You learn from your mistakes, else what kind of survival game would this be if everything was handed to you on a silver platter? The game already is easy with 30 vit, let’s not dumb it down even further…

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Totally agree, theres no point toning dancers down.
Dancer thralls are a hurdle you must overcome at some point, we all did it, now its your turn.

I would also say to the OP, is it really necessery to maximize the crisis of youre own playstyle?
Why not scout youtube for some playtips on how to capture a Dancer?

It seems every other post i read theres a warning that the issue(wich in this post is zero) will kill the game?
Get real, and play the game, dancers are important, and a bit harder to capture, thats it, and i like it, they should be hard, they give you a nice buff!

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One combo from a Truncheon will knock down a Dancer I. Truncheons attack as fast and longer range than daggers. So I don’t really see an issue.

If you’re fighting something else and the dancer gets you in the back. Well… you’re fighting 2v1. Should it be easy?


if I shared this story with my community… I think the response would be utter laughter. level 1 Dancer is deadly? really this is the gamebreaking issue we all must fear?

Then don’t get hit. Just use your truncheon combo and roll (you can also unwield your weapon and run to dodge), the dancer will then miss because they attack right after your combo. If not, just run toward and past the dancer, they will attack and miss, then do your combo, rinse and repeat until the dancer is unconscious.
I had a similar experience when trying to catch a Berserker when i moved my base north for the first time. He took half my HP in one hit, so I just run back and forth doing one hit with the truncheon because I was afraid to die if he landed more than one hit. Live and learn.

Ask for help instead of saying that it’s the games fault. The game has enough issues but this isn’t one of them.

Wear heavy armor it reduces the damage of the bleed.

TBH… first i would be embarrassed to post in a public forum that i am getting owned by a dancer I … this mean you need to learn to play the game, and know the mechanics… (it is not funcom fault)

the game is way easy already, and i would like to increase the difficulty two or three times…

the only survival part is at the first 20ish levels, after that , game becomes increasingly easier with each level.

there are however other issues, that makes people leave. (the game being hard in NOT one of those reasons)

cheers. ! and check youtube. there are countless of videos . that can give you tips on how to play it.

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