Why is the black yeti so weak?

Title. For a pet that can be a nightmare to get, you’d think his damage/stats in general would be at least on par with some other pets, but I’ve levelled a few in singleplayer and the stats are abysmal. I cant get his damage above 31 or so and his armor peaks at like… 350. The HP scales fairly well but any normal fighter thrall with epic flawless on is going to have more effective HP much easier.

Any ideas? Did I miss something? I wanted a big dangerous king kong thrall and with his attack speed he can’t even pull aggro for me, let alone keep it with 20 damage. Something that slow and large should at least hit hard.

I remember being underwhelmed by the regular yeti as well. Perhaps it will get a tweak later.

They don’t seem so terrible to me, maybe u got really bad percentages there, and keep in mind they actually have a ranged attack, so accurazy might be a fun thing.

ps4, i leveled 3 of them with str and it was jist pathetic. there must be a mistake.

Yetis and giants need a small to med buff to make them worth the effort imo. There are still rp reasons to get them, but they melt compared to a thrall and that doesnt make a whole lot of sense. They also have difficulty moving around so their mediocre stats are even more unwieldy.

I agree, I leveled up a regular yeti and he was killed by a t3 fighter npc that pathed near my base.

All yeti and giants need a buff IMHO
they should be on par with a t4 fighter at least.

Yeah it’s weird. I could farm 3 separate bosses, combine the scourge stones, turn it in for a 20% chance for a yeti that does nothing, or I can just go grab a relic hunter/dalinsia that’s guaranteed to be good even with trash rolls. Feels really strange.

Shame too with how cool they look. I know I’ve seen yetis use ranged attacks in purges, but when I have them follow me around I can’t get them to use it reliably.

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