WHY is this bug still in existence?


Taking a tier 4 Derketo priest, Espel the glorious back to camp and she just vanished from the chain leash.

I had an archpriest do this earlier. I activated a torch not knowing it would drop the leash only to watch the nameplate fly off into the sky.

SO ■■■■■■■ frustrating. Spending hours and hours farming for a thrall only to have it just disappear fro no friggin reason.


Some people get hit with it. Some don’t. I have never had a thrall fly away on me and i’ve drug them north to south and east to west on chain. Sometimes i stop and take a break-darkness time. Or I have to fight and I release them too. It’s almost like server lag comes into play with it. Now i have had to backtrack a few steps when i look behind me and its not there. But its never been to far from where i released the bindings.

The only thrall i’ve ever lost in existence and its several times with that wench is Olena-named taskmaster in Seper city. Now i’ve actually crashed out with her on bindings and lost her that way. Or server has crashed on me while dragging her. I swear she is my cursed thrall.


Solo, online, official?


I’ve had this happen, on occasion. Not sure if they flew off in the distance or just disappeared. I’ve also had thralls fly hundreds of meters away when knocked out, and then when trying to leash them, they’d fly away again, never to be found.

Thankfully not with any special (ie, named) Thralls so far - just your average fighter/archer III. But yeah, it’s super annoying, and a bit surprising that it still happens. But it’s been a trademark of physics engines from their inception that they’ll occasionally “spazz out” and do completely wonky things. I remember when you could buy a “physics card” as a separate piece of hardware (relatively short-lived idea though it was).


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