Why is this not ingame and things that might make game better

-hip / thighs / shoulder sliders during creation. i like my gurls thicc

-sprint / jump attacks.

-functional ladders.

-item specific containers. like a functional wood pile, that could store alot more wood, but nothing else besides wood. barrels for drinks, weapon racks for weapons etc.

-binoculars with increased render distance

-dance settings for dancers

-idles for thralls

-an ever increasing difficulty for purges, currently theyre far to easy to avoid / exploit / defeat

-ability to make purges on other players harder, add your own pets and thralls to another clans purge.

-option to K.O players, put them in cages and demand ransom (ark did this really good imo)

im new to this game, i like it alot, but many things coudve been made far better. i dont see why they havent been.


I totally agree with you. Even if there would be time limit. After 3 times you’ll just exit the game and uninstall it.

These are already in the game and come in single and triple weapon versions.

This is honestly the only suggestion I would support.

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Emberlight mod has such containers for metal bars & coins. They are not lockable but it is still very convenient and looks good.

Here are some stacks of gold and silver coins.

Short answer that applies to anything that hasn’t been added yet: because time is limited and so is the number of devs that can work on one game, which means the team has to prioritize.

A few observations on some of your specific ideas:

Ladders exist in the game, but they’re indistinguishable from climbing. I’m not against an improvement, but what exactly are you proposing?

What does this refer to? They have idle animations and sounds. Are you referring to something else?

What exactly do you mean by “exploit”? As for the difficulty of avoiding and the difficulty of defeating them, this sure needs some work, but just making it hit harder or spawn more mobs is not the solution.

The Purge needs balancing, it needs debugging and, above all, it needs a coherent purpose and vision. Concrete proposals would be nice.

If you want to play PVP, there are PVP servers out there :wink:

I wouldn’t be against adding some new, limited form of PVP to PVE, but I am against passive-aggressive gameplay mechanics like the one you just proposed.

No, just no. Restricting other player’s agency like that is a terrible idea and I’ll avoid playing any game that implements it.


I like many of these, such as more customization options, but there are a few that I want to call out:

You mean ones that allow for faster climbing and/or with reduced Stamina usage? I’d be all for that, the current ones are pretty useless.

This would be problematic. Every time someone lifted them, the server would have to suddenly try streaming a ton of extra information to that player’s client. This would likely be terrible for server performance.

Thralls already have idles animations, but I’m guessing you mean placing them in chairs, laying them in beds, playing instruments, etc. for City Life purposes? If so, that would be welcome.

Geez, we’ve already got posts complaining about the new purges being too challenging, and still others with people complaining about others kiting purges at their bases.

Oh HEEELL NO! Go run a private server with Conan Sexiles if that’s your thing. :rofl:


everyone says there are idles on thralls, theyve only using idles if theyre hostile.

i am new to this game, we have like 20 thralls just lined up in short order, theyre just standing still like dead salt pillars.

building on anything higher than a meter just makes purge enemies stand and watch as far as ive seen, easy to handle even solo on max difficulty.

i saw mods that allow item specific containers, but sadly im playing on an official server and there are no mods there.

K.O players are just my 5 cents, i thought more people would like that on a PVP server.

id still would like to have binoculars, to atleast be able to see farther from up on high. maybe the gadget would show enemies name and health bar when looking through it? w/e

What platform are you playing on, what mode and what kind of server? Because that kind of behavior is definitely not normal.

What normally happens is that if the Purge can’t reach your base, it spawns inside it and starts wrecking you even worse.


I find them adequate so far, given the technical issues present. Once they’ve fixed them, the only thing I’d like to see is an Avatar-Level Purge (server setting of course)

PC, PVP server, we built a base on a small hill, usualy they would just run up the hill, pretty much all the bigger thralls stop when they reach a knee high foundation.

i even built stairs, they ignore those

No, this is not Star Wars Galaxies

Yeah, that’s definitely a bug. You should probably report that in the PC bugs forum. If you decide to do it, don’t forget to indicate if you’re playing on an official server or private. And if it’s private, it helps to list the mods you use.

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also poise,

the stunlock by NPCs is rtarded and some of the combat aspects is annoying af.

it always seem to me like the combat reflects DS alot but screws up on the mechanics and makes the combat just clunky after a while.

I would love for there to be ‘functional ladders’. As far as something that would greatly reduce stamina cost or be like a middle ground between elevator. That may require additional animations though.

Some of the rest sounds to me as if you want the game to move more towards dark souls like combat which I can also get behind.

Hell no to holding other players hostage.


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