Why is this still an issue lol? Major god issue

So new testlive pathces are coming out thats great, good job i love this game making new content at the pace it is, i love it for it. :heart:

However, explain this and why this has been on the live game for so long and has not gotten a quick fix

Kills to acquire an avatar spawn
Mitra: 500
Yog: 500
Set: 500
Derketo: 500
Jehball Sag: 500
Ymir: 2500 (because 1 kill = 1 shard and you need 5 for a zeal, and no theres no items which give more or make it more efficient, and this has been a issue for a very long time, and all it requires is a numbers tweak)

hmmmmmmmmm, why is it that ymir still needs 5x more kills and effort to be atleast built time to time.
Im not even mentioning the use of its crafted items. The god that appears in one of the trailers and is the one that appears on the current cover for Conan Exiles seems to be the most Underpowered god of them all for no reason whatsoever, i heard they are doing a god overhaul in the future, maybe not who knows. But the fact that this has not been fixed over this whole time is really dissapointing. I have literally made a new account just for that.

correct me if im wrong but i also have not seen any acknowledgement from the devs or higher ups of this in the forum, whats going on?


Can only hightly agree with you.

Ymir was the first god i chosed when i first played the game in EA. Since it’s going worse and worser for him. Poor Ymir ! :cry:

Still discovered in one of my excursion a strange item in the Tempel of Frost when i looked for some new ice-sword. Seems not fully implemented yet, but may some hope coming here ? :thinking:


Hope Funcom is listening on this. Just make it 5 zeal per and problem solved.

There is a Siege rework after this update, where they will make major overhauls to the zeal system.

Hey there,

Our team is aware of this and they’ll look into it.


omg finally thank you! :sob:

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