Why nerf zombies again?

Serious question, but you guys put zombies in the game. Why do you keep nerfing them. I just got them back on siptah, made 3 and all of them died against a single jailer. This is not ok and a complete waste of time. I was excited to have help farming but now i am still stuck solo.

What tier and faction were they? Three named Accursed turned into undead minions may be able to handle a single jailer.

They were t3 from the bandit camp in the west. The jailer was the one by SW spawn. One of the easiest to fight

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Casue nerfing is the only thing Funcom knows about lol

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When starting fresh I park my butt on top of that cage with a stone pike and a bow.

Unfortunately, even using decent fodder to make them, the zombies are crap. They take forever to heal regardless what you feed them and they just seem like a wasted concept.

Unfortunately. They used to be amazing and could solo bosses with healing arrows. Now they just die and do almoat no damage

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