Why non repairable legendaries are good

Tired of that nonsense that crybabies write on this forum. Legendaries hunt was useless. You just get your weapon and thats all, you dont need to beat the top tier monsters again. It was boring. Now there is a stimul to beat them to get more weapons. It is fair I think and much more interesting.
Also, regarding the lost loot. Are you kidding me? You prepared for Age of war stacking resources? Why? What is a point? If I was Funcom, I would wipe all servers. Let all start from scratch like in other similar games. This would be fair.

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Fair? Everyone had the same option to do this. Just because you did not have the foresight to do this or elected not to, doesn’t mean you should demand others be penalized for your lack of preparing as everyone had the same opportunity to do this.

I found it a bit entertaining that you started your post stating you are tired of the nonsense that crybabies write on this forum and then proceeded to cry about those that simply thought ahead and prepared demanding Funcom wipe all the servers to make it fair because you didn’t bother doing the same. :rofl:


I played all day yesterday, didn’t bother to get one legendary. Actually I tried three times and the thing wouldn’t open.

They’re still largely useless in my opinion, because I cannot repair them. And they still come out of a massive RNG, so the handful of legendaries they buffed enough to be desirable aren’t worth the headache. On top of that, legendary chests still get bugged and cannot be opened.

This was just another mechanic adjusted to inflate your he grind. It isn’t fun or interesting. The weapon durability changes are lame. “Oh I have to grind out materials to craft a new weapon since my old one has very little durability left, can’t wait!” Said no one ever.

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Yeah this is the most egregiously bad change of the whole patch. It almost feels like a spiteful way for the dev team to punish the player base and invalidate countless hours of people’s play time. It should have never happened. The repair kits could have been made more expensive to craft, requiring special ingredients or fragments of power but making them unrepairable is unacceptable. I feel bad for people that play on official servers.


The issue was that the top tier monsters weren’t top tier. Which made legendaries kind of crap. That’s the short explaination.

The long explanation is around 6 years ago, we had legendary weapons added to the game. At the time, the creatures you killed for keys (aka World Bosses), were some of the toughest opponents in the game. The only other bosses were the ones involved with the Keystone and the Abyssal Remnant.

And at that time the weapons were some of the most powerful available. And for that short time, they were ‘Legendary’ but even then… we kind of had them on farm. They also could not be repaired initially. The idea was they were the best weapons, but you had to choose when to use them. While there were calls for them to be repairable, there wasn’t any need to.

A little later we ended up with several new dungeons. Things like the Sunken City, Wine Cellar Dungeon, and so forth. We also got a few tougher world bosses in the Unnamed City. Funcom did a mistake that every company seems to do. They escalated their gear. Legendary weapons were no longer the best and became sort of a max level mid tier. Because of this, they made them repairable. They had lost their status of legendary weapons and just became an alternative to crafting, and not really a good one.

Since then they’ve realized that and had time to try a few other methods with Isle of Siptah. They’re returning to their original concept of being top tier weapons. Meaning they won’t be repairable again. We have enough crafting options to fill in the gap of needing high end weaponry, and using legendary weapons only when an extra boost is required.

We still have a few issues though. They are still incredibly too easy to acquire. Something that will need to be addressed in the next chapter hopefully. We also need content that warrants their use. That’s something we don’t exactly have. All of the world bosses and dungeon bosses are quite easy due to their simplicity. We need more complex encounters where a little extra damage and the extra effects of some of these weapons would be a real boon in knocking these out before we make enough mistakes to end in failure.

But yes, we went a few years with people getting attached to a few pixels and having to do the bare minimum to maintain them. The complacency has set in and hence the hemming and hawing. They need to be weaned off of that and into a new system.

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still r useless. now u do not even hunt for em ,unless u a pvp junkie teamed up with a full clan that harvest all together…
no normal man will ever use em… IF u get a specific one that u like (by pure luck) u may use it for a while…
they simply rendered legendary tools and weapons useless… at best one may illusion his weapon of choice to look like a legendary (oh sry they all r reskins… so no reason to do that)…
and the restart thing would be fair for whom? the one like u that recently started / returned , or the one like me that spent time and effort grinding , gathering the legendaries i would love to own?

before making any bold statements plz remember that the wheel turns always both ways…

now if u seek justice u r playing a wrong genre ,survival aint for u… as for the wipe, they managed to do it , its just that they wiped specific customers that chose to build in the most recent bought dlc…
go ask them how they felt…

Legendary Weapons for Legends?

Normal men are not legends. Why should they be using legendary items?

most of the ones u see in here and in game aint legends either…

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