Why not make a DLC for the Role Playing?

Why not make a DLC for the RPG?
The work necessary to achieve DLC would be funded by the players and those who do only the strict PVP or strict PVE will not be obliged to buy it.
I make this suggestion because the game is sorely lacking elements for those who make the RPG (and there are many private servers that are in RPG). The problem is that it requires the use of Mods. The Moders do a great job but the game must be as independent as possible Mods in my opinion. Indeed, I am PVE player but I play on a private server that is RP to be able to find me with other players who speak the same language as me. Recently, the server had a bug that disabled Mods and all the builds that used these Mods were destroyed. Backups did not recover everything.
A DLC for RPG would contain only elements that give no advantage in PvP:

  • Additional decor elements for the interiors and exteriors of players’ bases.
  • offer the possibility to the players to modify the appearance of the constructions without changing the characteristics (wooden construction having the same characteristics as the sandstone constructions and the possibility of coloring the brick constructions for example).
  • scenery elements accessible only to administrators to create villages (taverns, markets, inns, armourers, etc.) - would not be functional on official servers.
  • an economic system that uses the game currency (silver et gold coins).
  • the possibility for administrators to create classes (barbarian, warrior, priest, wizard, thief) - would not be functional on the official servers.
  • the possibility for players to have different appearances of clothes and weapons (without this changing the characteristics and unbalance the PvP) and the possibility of having additional hairstyles (those basic for men are … …hum).

I hope this suggestion will be read and that it could be realized. This would be a great addition to the game which for me has huge potential (but still too little exploited - when to witchcraft ?).



Hey have a game for this, it’s Age of Conan…
And it was pretty much a failure.

And I LOVED that game.

Yeah, no, these two are never going to happen. Any DLC has to be viable on all server types. By viable I don’t mean it has to be targeted towards all markets necessarily, but it can’t have things that depend on having admin access. That’s modding territory.

Other than that, I think you’ll find that a decor DLC would be very popular (I know I’d buy it in a heartbeat), and not just with the RP crowd.


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