Why not transferring makes sense in lore

I know many players wanted to take a level 60 character and meta the crap out of Septah. But if you are thinking lore wise, the story starts with a ship bound for the exiles lands, thus this character never made it. This is perfectly in line with Howard’s concept of self contained stories, with minimal (???) cross overs. What is Septah is a story in Conan’s universe, not our Exile Characters. Thus creating and starting anew actually adds to the Funcom’s Conan universe. And any new maps (mod or official) from here on out should be considered the same. Stories in the universe.


Following the concepts of books, comics or even movies to the letter will not work in a video game.

But maintaining the spirit of the licensed property can be done. Also, if you are a true gamer, then leveling is part of the thrill. Just taking a full fledge character and playing the new map would end up just being a very—VERY–short experience.

I actually love to play with a new character. I happily created a new character and started to play on Siptah. But Siptah is extremely PVP oriented. It would had been nice if I could play on exiled land as a solo/PVE player and be able to pay on Siptah to also enjoy dungeons and content that makes sense for solo players.

I would say it is more PVE oriented, as gaining thralls and mats quickly leaves any new clan pvp wise seriously in the hole. I see the Isle having issues with alphas who just greif new clans 1 day to keep them starting over daily, even more so than Exiles. Exiles, vet clans can in 16 hour non raid window have a fully functional base, and 2-300 bombs.

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