Why people dislike the City of the Sun God


I actually really liked this zone.

The two things I like least about it:

  • Too monochromatic
  • I have never actually used the new jump-pads as intended. I always seem to hit them on accident, get catapulted somewhere I had no intentions of going, and have to circle back. YMMV but I get the feeling I’m not the only one who has had this experience.


If CToSG it’s a magic occult kingdom, it is not visible by radars. It is occult but yes, you are travelling at an open area so it lacks of modern set but if you are at a special designed zone it must be feel like ancient times. You have Scorched City with the village and the oil stations so wt least it’s something different.

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I, for one, appreciated the contrast - going from the modern setting of SD, to the “ancient” setting of CotSG. Of course, there were still ancient ruins in SD, but, in CotSG the ruins and monuments are the main focus and the map isn’t as populated with humans.

You get kind of a similar contrast going from the Transylvania maps to the Kaidan map. BF, SF, and CF are all somehwat modern and populated by humans, but in Kaidan, even though it’s more hyper-modern, it’s almost entirely deserted.

Whereas CotSG is practically deserted b/c humans have just recently been made aware of its existence, Kaidan is all but deserted b/c of the bomb disaster and the quarantine.

I can appreciate the contrasts between Transylvania and Kaidan, as well.

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Also, now that I have made an alt and am currently passing through the story missions a second time, I can particularly appreciate how bad the anima well placement is.

And also, that bugged drone in ‘Emergency Procedures’ is REALLY annoying.



i only dislike it because it looks a bit monotone, and by being like the only zone that doesn’t have music in it, it’s even worse. of it had music, it would be much better to me at least.



I recommend playing this song while running around CoSG: Raphae, “A Song She Heard” You can hear it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50QSeRuAW0w.

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