Why people dislike the City of the Sun God


There was a lot to like in the zone, too. I think a push in either direction, design wise, could have made a big difference. I also think that the same basic good elements could have been kept while still allowing for reasonable navigation.

As a side note, I actually LOVE the jump pads on a visceral level; I’ll hop on one for no reason other than to go ‘wheeee.’ So while they perhaps don’t fix the problem they were meant to solve they are definitely fun.

It woulda been designed by the same people who gave us Daimon Kiyota, Dusty Dark(some good, some bad, some buggy, could have been split into multiple missions entirely reasonably), and Anansi(one good floor, two terrible ones).


I actually really liked this zone.

The two things I like least about it:

  • Too monochromatic
  • I have never actually used the new jump-pads as intended. I always seem to hit them on accident, get catapulted somewhere I had no intentions of going, and have to circle back. YMMV but I get the feeling I’m not the only one who has had this experience.


If CToSG it’s a magic occult kingdom, it is not visible by radars. It is occult but yes, you are travelling at an open area so it lacks of modern set but if you are at a special designed zone it must be feel like ancient times. You have Scorched City with the village and the oil stations so wt least it’s something different.