Why reporting is the best way to rid oversized builds on pvp

So after a few servers i have noticed some the largest builds on servers are 1 of 2 types of clans.

  1. Refreshing while away
  2. Log in and babysit event log.

Both use BVs for 90% of thoer loot, so pvp active players arent gonna waste bombs just to clear it, with no rewards. Not saying the report is the “right” way, but with BVs being the safest storage, makes them just bomb bait. Active players enjoy online raidingbwith pvp and looting each other. The massive destroying is not fun ifnyou know all you are doing is wast8ng your bombs.

Hey you forgot the decoy base! You basically spelled out my entire PVP strategy…build a nice big base to blow into and get discouraged when nothing is in there…you break when you find my secret base after a couple of weeks scouting…onlly to find it also is empty.

I abhore body vaulting unless you are taking extended breaks but even then…I would rather let my stuff die than support body vaulting.

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I consider you active, just using a solid solo strategy. I was just informing on the meta OG trend of so much stuff stored, leave to other games/server when home server is “quite” or low pop… That is non active imo. And basically a large base as a decoy to see who is aggressive with no real con if they do get in and cost act8ve players resources used other ways. Plus knowing yhis the newer smaller clans just troll each other. Good strategy l, but broken pvp loop.

And yes i am on pvp. But i just posted a topic where these bases are just bomb sponges with nothing in them. So we just dont raid them, and try and work around them, until the owner brags in chat they know it causes issues on server. Then we MAY report, otherwise we just ignore and fight other active clans.

Wait, so you are saying that you go onto servers…run around and spot bases belonging to other players…and rather then playing the game and raiding it you opt to run to Funcom to ban them?

Am I getting that right?


No, my first response is ignore. Only if they become uber aggressive or do things like kill low levels, raid T1 constantly. Then i just let FC know. If they want to overbuild, thats them. But when they exploit BV mecahnic and purposely lag an area then yeah. Am i am not talking edge cases. I am talking flat out 1/2 grid bases that they really just use to turtle in, but without loot. If you gonna exploit 1 mechanic, i will exploit the report system. Tit for Tat.

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Some bases need it to remove the blight. I have seen clans reset timers on a raided base just to keep the land claim indefinitely without playing. I have see bases just encase themselves in 20 layers of foundation and rest timers on a weekly basis. Before reporting, I had to wait till the forgot one day to wipe it because it’s not worth farming that explosive to deal with that. So while you can claim it’s not playing the game, it’s the appropriate response to those that just reset timers on a game they walked away from.

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Ok, I can agree with this totally. I as well do not care where and how people build.

Aaand this is part of the game, and I think reporting people for this should actually get you the ban for false reports.

Sure, I can agree with this as well, if such exploits are explicitly stated as against the rules. We know fence stacking is against the rules, so if its seen, that base could be reported. Personally, I still wouldnt. That stuff never bothered me. Floating bases, undermeshed and actual hackers are what drove me nuts.


So what do you report that base for? If its built legit, its not against the TOS. Serial refreshers (as they are now known) is not against the TOS. What you are explaining, I would see that as you falsely reporting players…when there is no breaking of the TOS.


It could be seen as taking up land for the sole purpose of taking up land? Land claim is against the ToS and if someone’s just refreshing…

Still, it’s always possible to message people before reporting. “Hey, I noticed you guys are just refreshing and don’t really play at the moment, are you coming back or what?”

It’s been stated by an admin on this forum that refreshing isn’t against tos

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Fair enough. I guess if you don’t like someone refreshing on PVP you can just blow them the heck up.

bases that deliberately lag the server are against the ToS though. I can basically see where @biggcane55 is coming from. Everyone draws the line in different places. I wouldn’t use a bomb dupe and I never even fence stacked when it was allowed (mostly coz I’m lazy I should admit). But if someone is playing in a way that ruins everyone else’s fun and they’ve broken the ToS I’d be open to reporting them. I haven’t yet but I might one day.

PvP players never cease to amaze me. For what most would consider the hardest of the hardcore players, a lot of you tend to whine more than PvE players. Either you are all masochists and enjoy suffering or you just like to complain. Either way, this is precisely why I moved to a PvE-C server.

Because most if not all are land claim of old… strands of t1 foundation chains or large enough to spot from the desert.

RUST used to have this problem… when after a while, you’d have a single clan dominating the server forever and ever. That’s when they introduced time limits. After a month or whatever, map is wiped and players start from scratch. In my honest opinion, this is EXACTLY what Funcom should do with official servers. You could even have servers with different time limits, such as 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or whatever.

At least for me, the main enjoyment of this game is the initial progression, leveling up and building a stronghold. After reaching MAX level and acquiring every little thing the game has to offer, you literally plateau out of things to do. Granted, PvP allows one to blow up other people’s bases, as you’ve pointed out, once a clan becomes top dog, you’re not going to have much impact.


reporting bases to get deleted and the players banned shouldn’t even exist lol


Maybe. But then that case can be made by anyone, about any base location. Its taking up space because I want to build there.

It would be an extremely weak break of the TOS, if even that in my mind.

Then if its long chains, that is a violation. Id agree with a report and a wipe.

Hay clanes que utilizan las cajas fuertes como claimeo y relatilzan el juego …eso es abusivo.

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