Why Selma is so loud?

I don’t understand why her reaction drastically changes when she’s doing some actions in combat.

Hitting enemies with silenced pistol: " SERVES YOU WRIGHT!!! " or, "BAAAAAAAAAAM!!!"
Seeing her comrades gets the kill: "A-MEN TO DAT!!!"

like, geez. Calm down. Isn’t she like typical ‘No crap was given’ type of girl? Why is she so eager?
It’s very weird and awkward to see her battlecrying in the battle.

Her screams during bleed outs give me nightmares :joy:

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The thing that’s get me is her screams when getting a kill. “SHUT UP THERE’S A GUARD LIKE RIGHT THERE LADY!”

I like the battlecries but i wonder if it would be possible to make it so that when you use a silenced weapon then the battlecry is a quiet type or they whisper it or something.

Like when Selma uses a loud weapon she uses one of her existing lines which are all pretty loud i think. But when she uses a silent weapon she uses a different line instead where says in a whisper “yessss!” or “one down!”. Bormin and Dux seem pretty quiet already but Farrow and Selma (havent played Magnus) seem kinda loud.

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She is WAY too loud when going for silent kills. I find it very immersion breaking to be honest.


Yeah it made me lol when characters who are stealthing yell at the top of their voice.

My only question is why they got rid of her stone skin and give it to Bormin.

I’ve seen a post explains it. Apparently developers thought giving stone skin to Bormin would be more fitting for his tank role than Selma.

My thought is they should have think it BEFORE they advertise her with stone skin in the trailers and such, but oh well. Some people have slow thinking process.

They’re not just advertising it in the trailers: the image on the website for buying the game now is her with stoneskin:

Yep. Then in the updated trailer it lists her with frog legs as her mutation, but that’s a skill you have to unlock later in the game because its further along on the skill tree. Hell I never actually used the skill, I just used the roots, super tendons and run’n’gun most of the time.

That’s clearly immersion breaking for me to, thus i never pick up Selma in my team !

I agree with the silent audio / loud audio depend on the weapon you hold :slight_smile:

The original question has been answered and I’m going to close this thread before things start getting out of hand.