Why should i buy a dlc if the game is still broken (Singleplayer)

As the topic says…why?

Still no rain in SP, still no 7.1 sound support, still no snow in SP… has the game already left EA?

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The only question I have is, you play pc or console?

i play on PC

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I would say you answered your question in the title already, you should not if bugs are a measure for you to decide whether you buy DLC or not.

Since MOAP I do have rain, almost every game day in the Highlands and frequent in the Swungle (not often down there) and I do have snow in the Icy regions, even Starmetal works now.

You did update your game right?

The strange part is i get weather in my game as i believe they hotfixed said issue after the MOAP which I seen for myself.

Yes, also deleted and reinstalled it. I am the Host of the SP. So this bug is known. Nothing changed after “moap”.

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