Why so little damage to the great scorpion?

why does the scorpion have such low damage? 1 poison stack only, I tested a huge scorpion against any animal and the damage is equivalent to punches. Is this a bug? or was it always like this? What is the reason that a monstrous animal has so little damage? 1 hyena must have 3x more damage than the monstrous scorpion. Wouldn’t it be a decimal programming error? ex, 15 dmg => 1.5 dmg?

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Which big one? The black world boss or the Scorpion queen which can be found at the end of the silver mine?

The queen seems to work well for me. I have 20 grit, 30 vitality, using a non-epic light gear and it can doublechop me.

The world boss? Feels the same, 2-3 hits and I’m rekt.

But as I understand, you have a hyena and it deals 3x the damage to the scorpion than vice versa. I think a low tier animal shouldn’t be able to kill such a big boss alone even if it’s max. level. Mid-tier animals should be able to kill it if they have good stats (damage and HP, not accuracy and survival, because 1 stack of poison dooesn’t really matter).

I’ve never had a scorpion pet, only a green snot locust. Thanks, I’m gonna be silent then. :grin:

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Yeah it’s a shame. I’d love to have scorpions involved in PvP :smiley:

This was mentioned back in Dec '19 but as yet no change so it’s either gonna take another year :sweat_smile:or they decided it’s somehow better that way.

Greater / Queen Scorpion Pet Damage

We admired their great genetics until we acquired one of our own - turns out it was just Synthol…

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I played around testing the scorpion pet damage a while back and found that the greater / queen scorpion have the exact same damage numbers as the tiny, low tier scorpion variant.
It’s weird, I don’t know why most large pets like the yetis and scorpions have such abysmal damage.
If I remember correctly, before the pet and thrall leveling update they actually did some average damage.

Well I understand the same us you do :woman_shrugging:t3: .

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