Why so many different workstations?

What was the idea behind it?
I always preffered smaller bases and now I am forced to to build bigger buildings just to have room for all the workstations.

It is the same as with the animal pens, they are bigger than my own house and look completely misplaced in my base.

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It was Funcom’s idea of cleaning up everything in the benches. Instead of long lists of icons. Some idiot decided “Let’s make more benches!” instead of listening to the other guy say “Are you serious? People aren’t going to like that. Why don’t we just do a drop down menu like we did for all the DLC’s? I think that would be much better!” Conan already had enough benches. Why the hell did we need more? Along with all the unnecessary stuff they added lately. Never saw a company try so hard to kill their game.


The benches have different specializations with different advantages/disadvantages. Like it or not, this is also a pvp game so by making benches bigger, you cant hide in a corner somewhere. Its not just about splitting the recipes.


I am not talking about different versions of the same workbench, that is not a problem.

It is about splitting up the recipes between many different workbenches. Like Sateda wrote, drop down menus and less workbenches would have been the better solution.

Also the the look of some workbenches is very inappropriate, for example the tinkers bench looks like an old English style drawboard, doesn’t make sense in a pict camp.

Because they like to add fluff over substance.
And actually fix the game…

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And my comment still stands. Your Pict comment is an argument for yet more workbenches.


Not really. Less workbechnes with a more generic look, to fit the different styles would be better.

Imo the different things you can craft are reasonably split up between different workbenches. In fact, I wouldn’t be opposed to splitting it up further by having a dedicated workstation for shields for example. I for one like building big bases, and having a reason to do so.

Comments like this… SMH… Only looking at the one side of an issue and just reflexively grabbing for that bottle of Funcom hator-ade.

What Funcom did with the new benches was good game BALANCE for PvP (and aesthetics for PvE players). In PvP, now you cannot easily construct a small hidden base somewhere and also setup a good production line. You now have to choose stealth versus production efficiency. THIS IS GOOD GAME BALANCE!!!

And that is not all. The larger crafting benches have ramifications to cave bases. Such bases are one of the most OP locations when it comes to building very hard to raid bases. Now with the larger crafting stations, if you want to use them for high production efficiency, you now have to sacrifice more space in the cave. Which means less room to foundation stack the entrances for defense. Which means your cave base is easier to raid. In this case, you have to choose between making your cave base easier to raid versus production efficiency. Again this is GOOD GAME BALANCE!

The only exception to this is the Crevice. That cave is so large most people will easily adjust. However I never build up the Crevice like most people, i.e. large storage and crafting areas. I always used a small crafting and storage area and then used nearly all the space inside the Crevice to fence foundation stack all entrances such that it would take over 1k explosives to penetrate any tunnel entrance. Now I am stuck and have had to be very creative to use the new larger crafting stations!

Bottom line is Funcom’s decision with the new larger crafting stations is one of the best decisions they have made. And most people simply do not realize it.


If you like it then ok. You can still create a small 4x4 pvp base if your solo. Just have a chest for each bench and its materials and place it when you need to craft something, pick it up and put away again. More time to wasting but effective.

Yep you can do that. Do a 4x4 base. But that approach is very limited as you won’t have a full production line going all at once. i.e. very little parallel production which means very SLOW production. Plus you have to be online to baby-sit everything. And when doing things like bomb production, you are going to be seriously gimped. Mass producing bombs is VERY time consuming now if you want the 50% cost reduction, even with a full on production line going.

Bottom line, doing it your way means when you are up against a good clan that knows what they are doing, they will out produce you, and eventually wipe you.

Good luck!

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Better for your playstyle maybe, but funcom apparently wants to favor a different playstyle

Easy answer they wanted you to work for your benches :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I always build small.
So wth! !#@$%@

workaround-ish is just temp-place the placeables when you need m. keep a station with all like thralls etc in a box for quick deployement.

sh*tty, but hey.

ridiculous, but Fun Con’s Trisomy 21 nerfing is ridiculous to begin with.

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