Why the hate on SA player base?

I mean, something must be personal for us to only have 6 servers, while NA has 50+ and EU has 80+

Getting stats from 2016, SA has a population of around around 422.5M , NA 579M, and EU 741M.

I know that we are “poorer” around here, and that less people can afford the game, but even so, if you take in consideration that the servers can only hold 40 ppl, that would be 240 slots for ALL SOUTH AMERICA, meanwhile NA has 2000+ and EU 3200+.

DO YOU PPL AT FUNCOM HAVE SOME STATS FOR US, i really would love to see that we have so few players in the SA compared to NA and EU.

PS: Personal note here, i think is way better to have 10 servers with 80 player capacity than 20 servers with 40…

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