Why the lost tribe not get any love

Finaly the 2.3 patch arrived on conols and all faction was get new named thralls so they get all the new types of blacksmith armorer and so on but not the lost tribe that already have the lowest number on named thrallls and its even the familie of conan when the cimmerians get zhe love they deserv

So nobody found it wierd that the cimmerians still not have get any love and no new named thralls they not even gave a named priest

I have Drem the Occultist from the lost tribe. He is a named priest. I think I may have snagged him from a cimmerian purge though. Can’t remember for sure.

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Yea i now you can get some whit a purge but even i live close by the lost tribe i get more nordheimer purges then cimmerians and still the lost tribe needs more love and some more stuff its conans blood

Highly unlikely the Lost Tribe will ever get a named priest, they all worship Crom. But yes, in other areas the Lost Tribe could do with some improvements.

Funcom can’t give the lost tribe any love because they haven’t been able to find it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeap probaly but still the lost tribe needs a bit of love and some more named thralls flags like the nordheimer have maby even a dlc whit building stuff

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