Why the most Server just have a text Presentation?

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Hello guys,

i was looking to some Presentation of Community-Servers and i dont understand why the most just post some text?

I mean the Human is a very visual creature. If you go outside and just see a Text anywhere without a good backround or something, you dont notice right?

Hey Serenity,

Not all servers have people with the same level of creativity (no offense to those people) and some servers just don’t have a story… nor does everyone want to spend time to make a visually appealing post (some simply don’t think of the idea). Most people want to enjoy the game and some people just want to shout a promotion for their server real quick to get players in. What matters for any post is that sufficient details are present, so players get a good idea of the server, clan or person’s requirements, choice pros and cons.

If the images on the forum are too small for you, you could ask the poster to enlarge them, but you should instead click on the image to get an enlarged version. You can always right click on it and “open in new tab” if it isn’t enough.

I have the crevativity, but not the “Skills” for it. So i asked some people who did it for me.

Yeah i understand that but still, u dont need a story or something like this. I just posted the mods, stats etc. but it looks more impressive then “just text”.

AndyB did it - now its look way better! :slight_smile:

I understand as well, that u want some player. But i just tried something, i posted it 14d now BEFORE the Server will start. So some People will reading it and can start at the day the server starts and not like "yeah, we are 2 months online - have a lot of big clans here, maybe they will show grace maybe not.

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