Why ur patches are SO big?

so downloading now the 2.6 update… 60 FREAKING GB!!!
what u doing when u patch up? rewrite the entire game and just place it along with the old files?

i am a huge fan , do not missunderstand my post, but 60 GB over a simple dlc (mostly reskins) and some fixes? i can bet that redeveloping the game from scratch with all things u corrected so far would a) had break less stuff on the way and b) would require way less space (i can bet at least half of what game is now) i feel too much wasted space is taken up on our ssds… can u plz explain me why u have updates that require SO MUCH space?

If you really want to know, this page is a good starting point:


i do not want to know how to patch or write a dlc , but i really want someone to answer why… better stop patching and rewrite the whole game for new patch and dlc then… i can bet it would be half the size of what is now… so if u want to answer me why ,plz feel free , i will be happy to read ur post…
if u want me to learn how to patch and create a new dlc i am not interested at all, because what u sent me is the guide of how to create a patch or dlc (which is not my field and i am not even interested in this)

edit: in steam page says the whole game is 115 GB , and this download alone is 60 freaking GBs… did they really rewrite the whole game? does a new patch erases old or useless files? or they remain in my pc? i would love to know these stuff… cause i am not sure i will remain a fan with such big patches… 2 patches (and the next one is HUGE changes as they pointed out on devstream) is more than the game…!!!
better erase whole game and rewrite the whole game form scratch so we end up with something that is totall (and i own ALL DLCS) around 160 gbs… not 60 gb for ONE PATCH. this is insane

CodeMage was giving you an explanation: the way Unreal Engine handles its data archives - the .paks are all baked for the corresponding build of the game. When it gets patched if something is changed in a pak, no matter how small, the whole thing needs to be remade and replaced for that build.


This is how I understand it.

The update that allows you to pick building objects back up required all building objects to be updated. How the patching works requires all of the building object pak files to be downloaded in order to update them because the pak files are compressed, so you cannot just make a tiny edit to them, you have to completely replace them with the new versions or you will corrupt the file and make it unreadable.

Edit: @drukuku kind of beat me to it while I was writing that out. We’re saying the same thing using different words.


It has been explained many times before that the size of the download does not represent the size that will be added to the game, because the files you download are files that contain the changes. @drukuku summed it up yet again here.

If you want to know more than that, then you have to learn how patching works.

If a file is not needed after the update, then the patch should remove it.

It doesn’t matter whether you own all DLCs or not, the content for them is part of the download. Owning the DLC only gives you the ability to craft the DLC content. If you don’t own the DLC, you can still see the buildings and armors owned by someone else, and someone can still give you the crafted items. Therefore, you need to have the DLC content available in your game.

Also, they are not going to rewrite the whole game from scratch just because someone didn’t like the patch size.


@drukuku lets say then i prefer 3 lines of text than reading a whole guide of how a gaming engine works! thank you for the info given in simple words. ofc i felt no offence from @CodeMage post (i like his posts and his contribution to the forums) , and i clarify this cause some people in these forums tend to see me attacking people where i do not…

so next quiestion is an answer from @communitty… do old files been erased or we have to do a fresh install from time to time in order to keep our pcs “clean”?

One thing that I forgot to mention is that even uninstalling and reinstalling the game won’t help you if your free space is too tight. If a game is 105 GB, you’ll typically need more space than that to download and install it.

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I always aim to be (mostly) helpful with my vast array of “sometimes useful but frequently pointless” knowledge.


not even interested in learning how to do it but thanks for clarifying it!

that was a great info … too sad it is not shared by FC .! ty for this answer

u r correct on this and i can understand that all players need to have the dlc in their game pack for this reason alone! i am not concerned about the fact the dlc is downloaded in my pc (whether i have it or not) i am concerned about why the download is so BIG EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Perhaps a solution would be a side note telling us the final size of the game in our pcs after the download and not only that the game needs to download the freaking half code and files cause there r changes to all of those!!!

ofc they wont change that because someone does not like the size… what needs to worry them though is that when a customer like myself (i consider myself a good customer for FC- both in terms of in game presence, and in terms of financial support) , reaches a point to create a topic such as this (and not for the 1st time tbh ), maybe some others past the point of why such an update for such a small thing as a reskin add on and a bug fixes patch (Where no NEW areas or content besides the reskin was added) is needed. ofc i do not expect them to redo the whole game… but this factor is a negative enough for me to not buy the next dlc (nomatter if i continue gameing or not) as a protest against what they do , and for me as i am now all it means will be that i will just wait for the dlc to get in offer, but for someone who is not so much into this game , this maybe means game over… that is what they should be concerned about…

i am not personally tight in space but really appreciate the info here as someone with tight space may find it really helpfull.
i am not pleased with the size of each patch download… not the space it takes in my ssd

You have stated several times that they need to reduce the size of the patches. Codemage has given an explanation of why they cannot do that. If they patch 60GB of pak files, you get a 60GB download.

Before you retort, go to this directory:

\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Content\Paks

You’ll notice that the paks are already broken up into 179 parts. I could imagine they could break those up further. But I can tell you from modding, managing one pak and all the files that goes into it can get a bit hectic (some other modders who have over a thousand files in their one pak file can attest to this).

Most games with regular content updates are going to have this issue. For many of the same reasons. Some get around that by using their own launchers who can insert a file into their archive files (pak). But they aren’t using Unreal, but their own engine.


well dont know but the updates is big compare to other gams and i understand if people whit a bad internet contract get themself in problem to downlode the update when ther decay time is ticking and will lose the game.

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i m at 59gb out of 60 , and my base is safe , but u have a great point…

A common mistake people make is to refresh only once a week because their maximum decay timer is 168 hours (1 week).

Anyone who isn’t in a clan and consistently does that will lose their base eventually, because anything could happen. You could have a blackout, or spend the day in bed because you have high fever, or your ISP could have an unplanned outage, or your SSD might die and you have to get another one and reinstall everything.

Point is: if you want to make sure you don’t lose your base, either get clanmates or refresh it often enough. You’ll need to do it anyway regardless of the size of Funcom’s patches.


even though this sounds logical enough , not everyone can achieve it … and having a clan mate does not guarantee to save ur base… this is a job of a GOOD clanmate , but u may be surprised of how many r not that good…
as for the once per week , i find it great as it keeps servers somewhat clean , but it is not a big window for someone that may work and have some other responsibilities as well…

Well whit the bad clan system its mor a risk to invigt some random to a clan then missing a decay time. But yes even if someone is on a not so activ stage in playing at the moment and just restet the game to keep what you have its good to have some marginaltime.

And even if you take the extremy big risk to inv, a clam member unless its a IRL frend they will also have the same problem to log in in time b4 the decay time go out. But yes have heard alot of storys in the forum about clan frends not restor it in time

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PS4 shows a download size of 10.816GB, I wonder if I missed a patch and my next download will be 60GB?

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u probably will download the entire planet and then 60gbs for the patch XD

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Looks like that was it…over 10GB.