Why ? Why ? Are thralls so op in pvp

the slave does his job perfectly. pvp works this way and the players have adapted to everything, and that’s what you don’t do! and you’re complaining about it

I was banned from funcom for no valid reason, I tried to contact them privately but no reply. zero support from them despite injustice. this is what we should complain about and not slaves

I think people are looking at it wrong. You craft the best base you can, and here you craft the best thralls you can. Think about the thrall as an extension of your player not as “someone else”. Why would you want the thrall nerfed any more than you would want your base, weapon or armor nerfed?


Because it’s pvp . Player vs player not player vs tank . Player has 400 to 600 hp does 80 to 110ish per swing . Thralls 9000 to 15000 hp does 400 to 700 per swing . So do some math . 9000 hp thrall in heavy gear with 80 percent damage reduction. So player is going to do around 22 damage a swing to thrall . So to drop thrall with 9000 hp your have to hit it 409 times . Now that’s not counting thralls healing . Stack bleed and poison to cut down on that and your still over 250 attacks to thralls one to two at most to kill player . But yeah completely balanced lol .


Hello Zeb, i don’t know which thread you said this, but it was something around tier 1 thralls killing endgame bosses.

Well, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZgJwd3N4To

The video did end abruptly because Conan Crashed (lmao), but its easy to see how the thrall would win.

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Thanks for the video.


My Thrall was not leveled like his was. It also did not have Strength Armor on. It has Cimmerian Steel. This gives Vitality, not Strength.

When it made it’s first kill on a Frost Giant, it had 2 in Strength. At the end, after killing the Boss in the Frost Temple, it had 9 in Strength. Now that I have put Pictish Warchief armor on it, which is strength armor, it has 19 in Strength.

I don’t even remember if I used any Healing Arrows for the Boss. I did for some of the previous Frost Giants, but thought it was a waste of arrows, because she wasn’t losing much health in the fights.

Black Keep Solo

Sorry the voice is so low, and sorry for the sneeze.

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I’m glad someone understands the concept of effective health pool.

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:polite clap: You moved the bar.

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Given the amount of time to level them, yeah it should take longer than a few minutes to kill…

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PS.: PvE needs 4times longer than PvP and PvE-C (also PvP settings). So, yeah, for us PvE players getting a thrall to lvl20 is tedious. For PvP it is 2 rounds at UC.

4x XP is no joke…


Yet another reason they need to completely separate the Official Server Settings, PVE and PVP have different needs. They need to be addressed separately not with a blanket solution.

P.S - Good to see you back.


Currently the problem with the XP setting is, that it is tied to the player XP setting…

And I can understand, that leveling up to 60 should be faster on PvP than PvE, so that you even can fight on the same level.
Same with materials…

So an extra setting for thrall-XP would be needed… And I dont want the XP for thralls in PvP to be nerfed… But 0.25 for PvE is just… Until lvl12 everything feels nice (for end-game thrall types). But then it is just a pain in the ■■■…

PS.: Thanks. Appreciate the welcoming :smiley:


But the underlying problem affects both…the most powerful beings in existence are these slob humans that I knocked out with a stick. By far. By a HUGE margin.

Again, please tell me how this is good for anyone on any kind of server. Please tell me you think it was intended to be this way.

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I didn’t say that it doesn’t.



I’m quite calm, kiddo.

Answer the questions?

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I wish you could. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: EHP is a metric most used when you might end up having head-to-head battles between classes of fighters. Take a Barbarian and an Archer. In Diablo, where individual class traits matter. Mayyybe if we had actual abilities selectable via the cultures section in Character Creation, EHP would be a factor. Then it’d be all Pict all day, just like the Franks in Age of Empires.

Since we can each achieve the identical attributes and boni with items gatherable in-game, a better metric is (Damage Reduction Value * HP) / DPS. In other words Aggregate Health over Damage Per Second.


In my business we call that a “figure of merit (FOM)”.

LOL. Looks like under 10 minutes to kill the boss with level 1.

I have been game play test as well. I am on PVE server official, and outside of the initial run to the set City area, and going to level up and only play there. Showing that the large map is really just for show. I have a level II thrall, and at level 11/12, pretty much is a tank. I have been slow playing, as my real server takes priority. But yeah, either the PVE is too easy, or the thralls are way OP. BTW, i have not died yet on the server. Level 45, about 20 hours of game play… Got my first t4 black smith last night. So i will be doing some building to press a purge. ITs really hard to keep the meter up tbh. Might try the war makers tonight with the thrall and healing arrows. Only working with Steel weapons as well.

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