Why ? Why ? Are thralls so op in pvp

In my business we call that a “figure of merit (FOM)”.

LOL. Looks like under 10 minutes to kill the boss with level 1.

I have been game play test as well. I am on PVE server official, and outside of the initial run to the set City area, and going to level up and only play there. Showing that the large map is really just for show. I have a level II thrall, and at level 11/12, pretty much is a tank. I have been slow playing, as my real server takes priority. But yeah, either the PVE is too easy, or the thralls are way OP. BTW, i have not died yet on the server. Level 45, about 20 hours of game play… Got my first t4 black smith last night. So i will be doing some building to press a purge. ITs really hard to keep the meter up tbh. Might try the war makers tonight with the thrall and healing arrows. Only working with Steel weapons as well.

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Arena champion deals some abysmal amount of damage, it might outheal you. Try getting some heavy weapons like maces and hammers to interrupet her attacks.

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way to spoil it! :wink:

Answer the questions yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to even fight the arena champion. Can go thru the crack, to get the to the black ice. not looking for scraps. Arena Armor is not needed in PVE. An I am doing everything in the set city area on purpose.
This is my area i am using to prove that the PVE is very underwhelming on CE, and that is why the player base moves on after awhile.


Personally I believe thrall damage should be nerfed but not nerfed into the ground, a middle ground of sorts. Thralls should never be able to 1-2 shot a player no matter what armor, they should still do a good chunk of damage but should not give u a death sentence out of nowhere. Either this or make it so followers won’t attack players. Something that would need to go with this and would probably be a more engaging fun thing would be to substitute in base defense like miniature siege ballistas but that’s for another time, to put it in short for the second option, there should be more ways to defend your base besides spamming thralls and spamming building pieces.



I am curious what your opinion is regarding this topic :slight_smile:

Just turn up player damage on a given server. Then the players have an easier time at bosses and it uses a setting already available.

I did that on my server. Guess what happened -> Players oneshot each other. #instagib

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Turn up player health to compensate.

Then bosses become trivial.

Buff boss damage…

Why not simply add a slider increasing player PVE damage? :frowning:

Well people were saying that bosses are too long and tedious to be solo’d so they are forced to be a thrall sidekick; you can buff player health and damage at the server level, using sliders actually, to tweak this. Bosses dont have to be trivialized as the buff can go from weak to extreme.


Why not? Players go around one or two shotting other player all the time. Besides, the only reason people are killed easily by powerful thralls is because they are playing the so called meta of wearing light armor.

Never thought of this type of fix but I don’t see any problem with it surprisingly for pvp, as long as the damage and health are scaled well and together so that players are still getting killed with same amount of hits by other players. PVE I bet wouldnt have too big of a problem with this either as all it is is a straight buff.

Thralls can still 1 shot you even if you are wearing full heavy armor (about 1200+ armor rating) and have 4 vitality. And people aren’t 1 shotting people currently, at most 3-4shotting which atleast gives the player being attack a chance to counter. I don’t think thralls should be 1 shotting players even in light armor tho because this is ultimately a player vs player server type, not a player vs thrall server type having to dance around thralls and not being able to get any openings because of them is ridiculous. You try and dedicate yourself to an attack(the whole point of the new dodge roll was to make people more dedicated to attacks) and the thrall will just come up from behind and nail u. That’s not fun or engaging to have in pvp. We ultimately shouldn’t have to worry about a thrall but rather the person that is infront of us fighting us.

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I’ve been messing around solo bosses for quite some time (using them for some events in my server) and although buffing player damage helps, adding more health to players would not add much IMHO.

For instance, extra health would motivate people to slap max hp builds with heavy armor and facetank everything.

I think that the main issue (aside from their health, when talking about world bosses) is that their fundamental design is too relentless.

Enemies like the giant croc, scorpion, even kinscourge have some very fishy attack patterns and most importantly reach

Taking kinscourge as example, his basic sword swings are almost impossible to dodge, let alone dodge AND fight back.

Decreasing his size by 30% solves this issue completely, most attacks still hit you if you’re being careless, but a clean player will masterfully dodge and strike.

Thats what need to be done with all bosses. Some bosse’s hitboxes seem to be desined to hit both the player and his thrall, hence the abonormal reach. Croc boss has some issues around his head, sometimes you get stuck dodging, sometimes you are near his front paw and still get hit, there is no consistency, your skillful imput does not matter.

And that would require a major overhaul on bosses, which sadly is unlikely and we all know it.

I would rather say the high reach on some bosses was made so they can still hit players that used the old dodge roll.
But you are correct, some PvE bosses need to be adjusted towards the new dodge roll.

Add lagg/desync on top of that and “skillful input” has no effect.


Damn right! That freaking dregs boss, i just can’t dodge his spit attack no matter what i do, thanks to 100+ ms ping. Its infuriating. Same happens with elephant’s head sweep, you need a very precise timing to do it correctly. Single player is a charm.

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The health buff is for pvp concerns. Its all tweakable to taste.