Why ? Why ? Are thralls so op in pvp

Yes, buffing the health could work. But other problems could arise. For example higher disparity between low STR and high STR, also low VIT and high VIT since the values get multiplied.


The only problem Ive ever noticed is that if you buff damage over 5x I think, you cant knockout thralls anymore. You just kill them… Its all about small perturbations to tweak, but adjusting the two is a great handle for making the player better relative to the thrall and giving more incentive to adventure alone. We have recently done it on our server and it works great. Soloing a boss takes ~5 minutes but you have to be careful.

I guess the takeaway is that many perceived “issues” are already directly controllable at the server level. I think people would get more of what they want if they lobbied for settings changes in select environment servers rather than whole hog changes to the game.

Because Thralls are SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful than anything else in the game!

That’s the whole problem. Adjusting settings etc is addressing symptoms, but not the cause.


I havent played when thrall upgrade came out, are thery really that strong?

Can you kill all stuff in the game with full level thrall with decent gear? Do they follow you to dungeons etc?

You don’t even need a full level thrall with decent gear. Yes, they follow you everywhere.

When you get a good thralled level up with decent gear, they don’t even need to be healed fighting any boss I’ve gone too. (caveat, there are many bosses I don’t do because risk/time vs reward makes them not worth the time)

edit: ballpark 10k health with flawless epic absorbing 80%+ damage while swinging for roughly 3-400 points per attack while constantly healing from eating gruel you put in their pack.

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Short answer: The problem is the game itself.

Longer answer: The game has changed so much from early alpha to this day, that you have so many logic errors in the game, that it would be best to end it and create CE 2…
It all depends how the new map is made… If you have to lvl again and cannot take anything with you, it could help for a fresh restart of the game and its mechanics! IF mechanics are even different…

Like SirDaveWolf said, many boss attacks were made with the massive light dodge roll in mind (or the alchemist base drops from bearer packs, which were never changed after the stack size increase).

Thralls were (probably!) intended to help single players (like myself) to clear dungeons/group contents, because (here comes the "game is the problem) the game cannot scale, like many MMORPG are doing in instances. Or even Diablo 3 did to some degree.

So to please PvP, you could turn the dmg for thrall so much, that most solo players on PvE servers wont play that long anymore, as farming bosses will be way more work or needed way longer time.

So what should be done to please PvP? Make an additional setting for thralls VS HUMAN PLAYERS dmg and lower that to a certain value. Where thralls still help humans, but are not the playerkillers #1.

And for PvE: Stop using them. Or use an archer with a melee weapon… They have so bad melee dmg output… Probably like many want fighters to be anyway. I leveled last week one archer to lvl10 (from serpemeru) and I only cleared 1 UC skeleton boss, as I did more dmg than the thrall anyway (was lvl2 back then).

Only for current CE!! If the bosses get changed or we get boss slaying weapons or other massive things are changed, then we can talk about lowering thrall dmg to sth very low, so that its only good for tanking - for farming bosses in PvE content.

But it does. It rebalances the game to your desires. It also leaves the game alone to be balanced to the desires of others. There are a ton of server settings that can be used to make these kinds of adjustments to suit desired playstyles that Funcom has given us. Push for change there and you might actually get the change you want.

Why would they lose that capability? Thralls dont need to be at the ridiculous godlike level we have now in order to he helpful companions and partners. A reduction in their health and damage output by half would still leave them more powerful than anything else um the game!

Isnt there some more nuanced adjustment that results in thralls being helpful companions that allow solo players the ability to do what they want but not in them being the all-powerful god-beings of doom that we have now?

They really need to make the slider. But in reality, are boss fights really boss fights right now? 2-3 minutes. It is more high return farming. bosses, should be bosses and not be thrown in day to day normal runs. But that is my opinion. Games have changed over the last 30 years. I remember boss meaning i was in for a real challenge. Now it just means better polygon count/large highly artistic detailed character. That is not even just aimed at CE. It is games in general.


Bosses with FIXED drops, can be hard.

Bosses with 1% chance NOT. As I wrote before, most problems most people are discussing nowadays are rooted in the game itself.

Be it the droprates, the non scaling health or dmg pool and all other little things which are not really logical.

Alone that you have worldbosses with double the HP than some others:
Rotbranch = 15k
white tiger = 30k.

But you always get the same thing -> skeleton key.

Or here look which bosses have what HP and what XP you get…

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The existing sliders, what you’ve suggested, do not address thrall relative to mob power. They muddy the waters by adjusting player vs mob power in some attempt to make soloing even easier. Until thralls are not invulnerable godlike beings, no amount of player adjustment will create a balanced game experience.

Add more sliders specifically for thralls and maybe, but in that case the default normal settings on official servers would need to have thralls at a substantially reduced effectiveness…which still results in them being useful companions, but without their current ridiculousness. For those that need the easy mode experience of current power level thralls, they can make their own and crank them up :slight_smile:

Interesting, thanks fot the answer.

i can finally explore dungeons and group content in solo play :slight_smile: Thats good thing for me. i will test it and see if thralls are that godlike…

In soloplay, I dont see as a big problem, you can change damage output of almost everything. In PVp, it can ruin the game…

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There are NPC settings as well; not sure if thralls can be the independently adjusted and leave bosses the same.

They can not

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There are minion damage taken (health essentially) and damage multiplier settings. So looks like all you need.

This aint battleborn.

Time savings on a game that requires you to grind thousands of materials seems a bit counter intuitive

One day these may actually work on the thralls but currently the thralls and bosses are paired together under the NPCDamageMultipliers. You nerf the thralls, you nerf the bosses at least on PC. If they work on PS4, this would be very good to know.


Or if the minion ones are disabled, they could be re-enabled.

Not with a Any T4 thrall and healing arrows. That is the whole basis of the game. thrall, but don’t use is kind of wasting my time. I am as guilty as everybody about using thrall to face plant bosses. I do it to survive on PVP officials. If they were to change them somehow, i would not be hurt as some seem to say they will be. Most that want the face plant game play want to farm bosses like iron nodes. I am saying that they should be something special, not just part of my farming routes. By doing that, the legendaries would be special. right now, in about 2 hours of game play I can easily score 12+ keys. And if UC, i can score 18+ FoPs, with the chance at special weapons. For war makers, can easily run it 4 or 5 times. That is what thralls have done. Made endgame bosses just farming.