Why would this happen?

Kurak Dungeon, I lost my thrall when a golem got stuck in a wall, and the whole event wouldn’t progress. Then the Bloodmoon Beast spawned and killed my thrall and me.

This is so frustrating.

The Blood-Moon Beast appears when you stay in the lair for too long to clear it out so it can reset.

If the fight bugs out for any reason and can’t progress, pull your bracelet. Dying in the dungeon has no penalty, regardless of server loot on death settings, and your surviving thralls will teleport out to you as well.

Thanks, @Tephra, but I was being rhetorical, I guess. I already knew the dungeon mechanics; I’m just reporting that the thrall shouldn’t be killed permanently as part of failing the dungeon, and I’ll be damned if I go back in there again with a thrall as long as that bug exists.

If you are already familiar with the mechanics, then you chose to stay in the dungeon after it bugged and you chose to lose your thrall.

You can leave Kurak’s Lair at any time with no penalty.

If you choose not to, then there are consequences.

No, you misunderstand; I tried to free it from the rock when the golem bugged out. I expected to die like I did four other times and have my thrall come with me. However, nothing I read up to that point indicated that the thrall would get permanently killed. So no, I didn’t choose to lose my thrall, nor was there any indication that that was one of the consequences since my loot wasn’t dropped either, and the previous times the thrall came with me.

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