Wierd wood piles everywhere

Im on the single player ilse of siptah and all the fires and bonfires have a gaint pile of burning wood next to them, I’m guess that the wood is the light source but its visible for me.

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How did you get your shield to match your armor or is that just reflection? Have not made it to Siptah since patch I believe notes mentioned bonfires.

I thinke he make his armor fit the shield

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its not only on singelplayer even on official seevers happening

I play on Siptah and have not seen this on our private server.

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On x box or on pc ?

I’m on pc so my comment may not be relative but I thought I would post what I have seen.

Yea on x box this kind of wood fiers evrywher

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The shield is a standard grey ones shield with the aquillian heavy set

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That’s a little weird and not a good looking fire at all either, lol.

It kind of looks like the thrall in the second picture has his hands tied to the chain overhead and is being cooked

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Greetings @NeroMcKnight,

Thank you for your report.

Can you share with us which Xbox model do you have?

I play on a series x in performance mode

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Thanks for the information. We’ll forward your report to our team.

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

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Hola, para mi las hogueras están bien