Wife always get connexion lost but not me

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE
Region: New-York
Hardware: Series-S

Bug Description:

My wife Xbox get disconnected from our private server every 2-10min. But I never got disconnected once in 100hours of playtime. Both Xbox series-s bought at the same time, on the same Wifi with the same configuration. Since my Xbox is working without any issue I don’t understand why my wife xbox would get disconnected.

It is not a router issue otherwise I would crash myself once in a while.

We tried to move the router around the house, disconnect every other device on the router except the xbox, tried a wired connexion, tried to play with the xbox setting to connect to xbox live through another port.

I’m out of idea, please help!

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Error Code she’s getting?

Can be few things, and router/modem issue is still on table. (as your both playing same game, and its getting 2 of same signal over wifi. And dropping other user.
theres… Not familer with xbox really, But on PC/Ps4 Setting to set up for that. (Me and my brother get this issue time to time, and I usually just change network setting on my ps4)

Run a network test.

-On the controller, press the Xbox button to open the guide.
-Select System .
-Select Settings .
-Select General .
-Select Network settings.
-Select Test network connection .

See if one Console is just not getting same speed, (so one of you is getting more bandwdith)
May want to Ethernet Cord that one(if your both using wireless)

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Thanks for the reply, we will give it a try.

My wife xbox is on a metalic stand, so I was thinking may be it could interfere with WiFi signal. So yesterday me moved her xbox on the floor temporary and we didn’t expererienced any disconnection.

We will do more test this week but I think I have found the source of the problem.

For the info she don’t get an error code, just a generic messaging saying that she got disconnected from X-Box live.

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