Wife can't join my co-op game. (PC, no mods)

I’ve started a single/Co-op game, gave myself admin, set it to friends-only.) I have whacked a few mobs, and then exited the game, re-started.
I invited my wife when she was in the Main Menu, when she tries to join, she gets an “Unable to authenticate” error.
Google searches found me heaps of old, beta-era workarounds and the like, but nothing really beyond “make sure ports are open.”
A little help for somebody who is not dreadfully IT savy. I can make Windows firewall exceptions, and that’s about it. Not keen on paying to go the server route, since it’ll only be she and I playing.
We have no mods installed, and both have battle-eye set up.

Has your wife verified files yet?

Worse case scenario, and since you understand firewall ports I feel comfortable sharing this option, try using the dedicated server app. Bonus to using it instead of Co-op is tether range limitations are removed.

Thanks. She got into my co-op game an hour or so after my initial post, no idea how as we hadn’t changed anything. It just suddenly worked. Seemed to be going ok, until we got to Bunny Swarm Island. Little island in the river had about 18 rabbits on it, which was great. On the far shore there was a vast mob (30 or 40) assorted shellbacks, with 6 or so of the anger boss ones. Which wasn’t so great. Apparently, they’re just spawning and spawning. Don’t know if that’s a co-op glitch, or not, but we’re gonna try the server route.

Looking forward to using that dedicated server app you’ve so kindly linked, thanks!!!

Ya that IS a Co-Op/Single Player bug. Funcom is looking into it but you probably won’t have that issue with the dedicated server app.

That appears to have been the issue in this case. I can invite her when she’s in steam, but hasn’t started the game.

Brother-in-law has set to trying to do this, because it’d be neat to have our own little family server. He’s set up servers for other games before, it seems, but is having issues with this one. He rattles off numbers and terms which confound me. In the meantime, we’re doing the co-op now that we figured out what the issue is. Thanks again though, I’m sure he’ll puzzle it out.

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