Wild Surge Spawn Rates

So I went around and killed a bunch of thralls from wild surges while playing test-live.

I recorded what I killed and then put the totals in a google doc.

Wild Surge Spawn Rates


  • Totally non-scientific. I have no clue how much variance there is in this data.
  • Probably contains some errors. I may have put tallies into the wrong cells, failed to record a kill, etc.
  • Done in an offline single player game in the test-live client.

I would be VERY cautious while gathering data in SP mode. CE designed so poorly it sometimes provides different results while playing in SP and online. Especially when it comes to probabilities.

P.S. In my SP game I haven’t had a single meteor drop on Siptah since launch. And yes Ive been waiting at the Tower for hours and past couple maelstroms.

Just general question: Are surges also on the CE/EL map or only on Siptah? Is there some new content (besides new building) in the CE/EL map?

Surges are Siptah only thing.

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Yeah, that’s why I included the disclaimer. Looks like ignasis added some extra information to the patch notes with approximate drop rates.

According to Ignasis, the percentages are “85% T1, 15% T2 and 5% T3”, which is either a typo (my guess would be 80% T1) or some seriously funky Norwegian math :smiley:

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Yeah, I wasn’t sure if he meant across all thrall toes or just within crafters. Doesn’t really matter I suppose. What I found from my little play test seemed fine to me.

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Oh yeah, and that adds up to more than 100% lol

Ya but I doubt he codes the spawn rates :smiley:

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