Wild Surge Vs. Summoned Surge

This there any difference between a T3 fighter from the Wild Surge as opposed to a Summoned Surge?

That’s a good question actually. Kinda like how in the Exiled Lands there’s a huge difference between a Darfari fighter and a Cimmerian fighter.

So I found that a Wild Surge T3 fighter starting out has roughly 1450 hp and Damage modifier of 1.128, and the Summoned Surge T3 Fighter had 2660 hp (roughtly) and a damage modifier of 1.54.
Wild Surge T3 - Vanir Loysing Fighter T3
Summoned Surge T3 - Forgotten Tribe Fighter T3
That’s quite a difference. Interesting.

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Yeah, but that could just be the fact that one is vanir and the other is forgotten tribe. To get an accurate read on it, you’d have to have, for example, a vanir from each.

No. One of the youtubers compared T3’s from different Wild Surges - they are all the same now speaking of base HP and Damage modifier. There is difference in starting attribute points from tribe to tribe and of course growth %s are random for each individual Thrall, but that’s all.

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