Wildlife Attacks


I have a genuine question… During the non PvP time on a PvE C server, if wild animals attack a player who then runs and hides, and the wild animals then attack another players thralls, is this against the rules, and if so, which ones?

can’t see that being against any rules

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Strictly speaking, no, not against the rules. But there are some less than honorable type of players that use this to attack people deliberately outside of scheduled PvP time. I’m not sure if doing it deliberately is considered a violation or not though.

I can think of two reasons why player A would deliberately kite enemies to player B’s followers:

  • to farm those enemies
  • to harass player B

The second happens more often. It’s a dick move, but doesn’t sound like something Funcom will deal with.

The hole reason behind the “leash mechanic” :

( the reason why after a certain distance from their spawn , bosses (short) and wildlife ( at little bit longer now than before) will return to their spawn while regaining health )

is because people used to kite bosses around the map ( from almost sometimes litteraly accross the hole map )
to harrass players , and kill their thralls or farm skelton keys if the thralls wins , without doing anything .

also to be noted that the Rocknose bosses , and treeRocknoses ( have a blank atm for their real name ) bosses would often hit at 3 walls high ( so goodbye archer towers ect… )

so , yeah I beleive in some sort ( of course every case needs to be treated differently ) it’s against the rules ( at least if you do it in purpose repeatedly )

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Thank you to one, and all, for your response. :slight_smile:

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